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A random thought - Get HAPPY

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I would if I could and I really don't understand those who can that don't

What pops into your head?
What do you think I'm talking about?


I would wish that millions more HIV+ people would be cured of it.


I'm with you there Timothy I lost my brother in-law to HIV but I'm sure just like cancer the treatments are getting better all the time.
Sending you a Big HUG


What pops into my head is the word "help".

Why can't we help where it's needed.
I do when I can and barter when I can't.

Why don't more people do the same
When they can. Why is our world so selfish
On such an enormous scale?


Well being a beachcomer,lazing on a nice beach in the sun, with a crate of gin and dark rum.
Be nice if there was a vaccine for hiv, at least it be 1 less thing to think about, but no good worrying about it,just enjoy life its short enough.
There is lot of different med problems just wish some of my friends did not suffer from them.
blessed be.


with all the new ART's HIV is not a death sentance, many people are living and actually managing this dreaded sickness. We should not pre-judge people who have HIV, we all make mistakes in life....


jillian dont think any of us judge people that have hiv+ or anything else, here with the stigma of it.
Yes the drugs do help , but its a concoction, even with the new ones, just less side effects.
Anyway, this we all make mistakes in life.... you need to understand something about the virus, we in all probability have it, it has been traced back to 1957, in africa, and has been present in humanity since then, it was not until the 80's that word came out about it in california, before that a culture of free love & sex existed worldwide, and after that still did, after all it was only a gay disease!
A few years later they found it could be present in females, oops! the terror in the straights! it was our fault again.
In the 80's, i was at college and uni, and in the students union, most there would not help with advice for hiv, or what to do to avoid it, what happens even if your in a pub or hotel, and the previous person had drunk from the glass, had aids!
So for the time that i was there i covered it, and did not get asked a lot, it did not stop me or others from having a gay lifestyle, we still went to disco's etc, still kissed and cuddled, or even went in the warren for fun! even bj's, and no condoms.
In these days that item was rare, and not free yet in the rainbow community.
Even gay bashing was a sport which the authorities and police and s8's joined in, after all we caused that plague, we were to blame, and in that day transgenders/transsexuals/xdressers were suffering from a mental disease.
Gay guys were perverts and child molestors, raping little boys,
Lesbians, oh they were nice , nothing wrong with them, two girls naked, putting on a freak show, for the guys, to get horny with, then get f****** by them!
And pride events! huh there were none.
You could go to london and walk in one, and get spat at, kicked, or excrement flung at you.Brave people walked in these days.
Now its a lot better, no longer conditions like that.
Gay, : good as you, can be applied to any of us, be proud of that, we are more open minded than some, and in the past remember no such thing as Bi's, now lots of straights are using that term and supporting equality.
And what about those that were straight, and liked free love, and drugs!, shared dirty needles and got hep, and hiv, ....
Please, none have the right to judge anyone about there lifestyle, as long as its not hurting anyone, and jillian not everthing in life is a mistake, only those that are ashamed feel that...............

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