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Preconceived ideas. When will the world open their minds to change? - Get HAPPY

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A few things have happened to me lately that made me think.
There are others in this world that just won't open their owns to change.
They have their preconceived ideas about the way things should be and they judge others according to their own beliefs.
As some get older they get even more stubborn about their beliefs is this narrow mindless?
I know they have no right to judge me but I also know I can't change their minds and I refuse to give them more ammunition to fire at me.
This is why I'm not as out and proud as I want to be.
I don't think I need more judgemental people saying me what I should or should do or say.
I have strong beliefs that get me through hard times but I don't need or want others to tell me I'm wrong simply because of the way their live their lives.
I've always been a giving person and always put others ahead of myself but I have also learnt lately to just be tolerant of certain people and let them just carry on.
Over the last few years of my life I have experienced a huge awakening and my mind in open to so many new things. I have so much to learn and the more I learn I know that I know nothing at all.
I have learnt that people come I to my life and I can learn from them.
I am now a very calm, patient, tolerant and loving person and all this I own to certain people who are in my life. They are the ones who a times make my life hard and still they judge me.
They only know life from what they have experienced and know nothing of my hidden secrets of my life.
They never ask and I never tell.
Sometimes I watch and listen to their arguments over things they have no clue about and rather then stepping in I stay quiet because I know they don't care to learn the truth.
As I write this I am thinking of a number of different examples but you the reader will be thinking I mean something that you have experienced because of your own preconceived ideas.
This my friends is why they will never be an end to prejudges in the world.
So why fight it?
As time marches by people's own minds will be made up from what they experience.
They we come to understand how others feel slowly over time.
The world and its people are changing.
So it is and so it shall be.
I no longer care to upset those who disagree I rather just live my life in peace.
My friends know me or do they?

Blessed be.


Carol, talking for this old folk--at 77 I can call myself that--whenever I give my opinion I express that it is--MY opinion--I have never told anyone that my way was the right or only way--in fact my last 2 books and the one I am writing now is hopefully a guide for younger people to NOT do a lot of the things I did.
As on gets older they realize how little they really know as compared to young people who think they know everything IMHO!!! LOL

World and people are always changing.



I'm not big on change myself, but it's true on a global scale that the world moves forward and, to an extent, mankind is obligated to go with the flow.


Sorry, I'm Italian, we love a good argument, and we love to hold grudges. I spose that's why I live alone, cuz I am way too mouthy for my own good.

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