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Limmericks - Get HAPPY

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I saw this years ago in a Reader's Digest magazine:

There once was a man from the sticks
who liked to compose limericks.
He failed at the sport
because he wrote them too short.


Typical readers digest material, quite sure some would be better, maybe some will post some up.
enough controversy from me today just posted um! In other discussion hope you like it,or carol will be wanting to spank me for being naughty on the sabbath.


The Dean of Paul's did search for his wife
And where d'ee think he found her?
Even upon Sir John Selby's bed,
As flat as any flounder.


The clean ones!

While Titian was mixing rosematter
his model climbed up a ladder
to him her position
suggested coitition
so he ran up the ladder and had her.

There once was a barmaid from Sail
on who's bosom was tattooed the prices of ale
whilst on her behind
for the sake of the blind
was the same only in braille.

I know the original verses to the man from Nantucket but it's really obscene, by request only.


Nice one tristram,as for the naughty one there be asking soon!
Now did someone not use. Oh! You are awfull but i like you!
Think will send the braille one to a friend she would appreciate it,thanks.


You're welcome my friend.

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