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This is my 1st attempt of freestyle...so please bear with me...lol...umm...i'm open to any advice or criticism...thanks and I hope you enjoy...

I speak to you

in the mirror

I am standing

here looking at you

looking endlessly

without a thought

without your soul

with a frozen heart

emotionless and blank

gazing even deeper

from that mirror

with no fire in those eyes

losing your life essence

with each breath you take

losing your grasp

the last of your hope

slips away like the wind

with each tear you shed

yet you continue

to stare at me

from the mirror

and I stare back

from my world

expecting to learn

your thoughts

your emotions

but I get nothing

you don’t speak

you just stare at me

with a blank face

listening to me

and I stare back

waiting for a response

something to go on

but nothing

not even a whisper

you are still here

looking at me

as if you are waiting

but why?

There is no one here

only us

we only have each other

we are here and yet

you push me away

my words fall before

reaching your ears

my fiery heart

unable to free yours

from its frozen grasp

my kiss

cannot reach your lips

and breathe new life

the light within me

fails to renew the hope

that you have lost

for me

for yourself

for us

what more can I do?

What more can I offer?

I have given you my all

we are two opposites

seeking to join as one

but this mirror

curses our souls

to be so close

and never

be able to merge

with one another

now the day is over

and there you are still

just as empty

and I’m still here

in front of you

waiting patiently

just as you are

we are never alone

we continue to meet again

everytime we look within

from inside our mirror.


Nice jony, but sad,mirrors can only reflect image not the soul of the person, would be nice to see you post something funny happy and witty, some on here need cheering up, blessings to you my friend.


well the mirror is a metaphor...it's an invisible barrier between 2 people...yea I would like to post something a bit more positive...but well yesterday wasn't a positive day...but maybe once I start feeling better maybe I'll try writing an uplifting poem...


Jony,thats fine just worried your last two poems were sad reflections, written from the heart & soul.
sometimes its hard but one has to be happy even if its a lie, depression can be rough,and even though you try seem to have no luck.
It would be nice to see you get someone, someone that loved you, and you got a good job and started to enjoy life a bit more.
blessed be my friend


I find it impossible to write about something you don't feel...& well as for living a w/a false happiness...i already do...but there's nothing to happy to express...it's just a mask i wear for appearences...


Jony,no offence was meant, your not alone many of us live with that problem it is common in whatever world we choose.
you used to write good articles for discussion either in the guys room or rainbow lounge, so substitute the word happy for something else.
last i heard you were enjoying church and you went with a friend, so maybe you write a poem about that, its up to you my friend.
never know maybe i post some war poetry i know, there are many inspiring poems just as music is inspiring with sounds for the soul.
Blessed be.


Oh i know u didn't mean to offend & i'm not taking it to heart...but well we'll see where my mood & inspiration take me next...^_^

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