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Run, public school system, run! - Gay Guys! <3

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Some kids were outdoors just now, and one of them shouted at the others, "Why you run'in?" I became infuriated. I was tempted to yell back at the uneducated twit, "Running! The gerund form of the verb ends is I N G!" I held my tongue, though. Shame on me. I had the chance to take part in the higher education of one of the victims of our country's school system, and I passed it up.


I'm from Massachusetts, we don't pronounce most Rs and I never pronounce the G at the end of a word unless I'm in a job interview trying to pass. We also spell it centre and theatre, and down the Cape we pronounce towns ending in -ham as ham but up by Boston it's pronounced um. We also call thing different down the Cape cuz of the large Portuguese presence as Boshtun (Boston), Tonton (Taunton), Nov Beija (New Bedford), and Fall Rive (Fall River), Bostonians pronounce the ford in a place name as fa Mefa (Medord).