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Sharing of experience when I started living here on the United States of America - Get HAPPY

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Hello everyone! Just to have more friends on United States since I moved here in this beautiful country. Thank God ! This 18th of April is my 2nd month of living here on MD,USA. So fun here ! Some of my Filipino friends ask me"Are you live longer here on states?" I said "No" I just love this place that's why I'm going somewhere which place not get me boring. haha Haha Sometimes i just going to DC, this place is so crowded, that's why I saw some different types of person . I love America, Because the LGBT people, and I know I'm one of them because I'm a young gay, They're fighting for "Equality"! I hope one day I wake up they approve the same sex marriage. Haha Too young for me to learn about something that I really don't know when I was a kid, and now I'm living in a world with people that accept me as I am That's It ! Nice living on America!. Love Those Gay People! And Maybe someday I meet the guy who will make my heart beats faster and faster haha !


Welcome Vincent.
I am sure you will find someone but don't worry about that--having friends is THE most important relationships in your l;ife and concentrate on that.