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April 1998 was just like any other month with going to theatre to see Jim Baily as Judy Garland who was much better in Las Vegas years before, went to see sculptor Hanson's work at the MOMA, had to get a new alternator for the car (charged the $85), Bob, Jim, Gino and I had dinner at Catfish Dewey's (open) to celebrate Bob and Jim's 40th anniversary, had a run in with David who stole my car keys, Bob, Jim and I went to the Coconut Grove Playhouse to see "An Evening With Jerry Herman" and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (open) and work, plus my Social Security check, made life a little easier but I was still charging too much and spending more than I was taking in. I did get a call from the Powerline subsidized housing but I didn't like it and was holding out for Gateway. May was a good month where I finally ended up in the black for a change.

In June Ronnie came down from Waterville, Maine, his home where he moved back to from New York and was currently living. His cousin David lived in West Palm Beach and though I knew him he never got in touch with me when he moved there so I was going to see him and Ronnie the following day. We went for finner at Franco's (closed). We got together at Chardee's (closed) for brunch the following Sunday and Ronnie told me he was having heart problems which is why he moved back to Waterville plus his mother had died and left him their house. He had a part time job working for the church catering meals. Bill Doolan, sort of an ex of Bill's, and I met for lunch at Denny's (open) and he told me he had Parkinson's. The day after that Ted and I went for dinner at J. Alexander's (open) for which I had a "2 Free Dinners" card though I don't know why or how! On Sunday, the 17th, I took off from work and took Ronnie and David for brunch at the Marriott Marina on17th Street (closed) where in 2004 I had my 17th Leap Year celebration which was one of the best! The 3 of us spent the day walking around the marinas and that evening we went to see/hear The Gay Men's Chorus of Fort Lauderdale at the Amaturo Theatre in the Performing Arts Center. Little did I know it would be the last time I would see Ronnie. A week later Bill Doolan, Bob, Jim and I went up to Boca where we ate at Tom's BBQ (closed) and then went to see "The Heidi Chronicles" at the Caldwell Playhouse (closed). By now I had cut back to just working Saturday and Sunday.

Another month another problem with the car which cost $400 plus for rental and needless to say it went on a charge card. I was also having problems with my teeth as it had been over 25 years since I had all the work done including the implant. One of the first things I learned about old age is that your body changes including your teeth and gums which gives you problems but we don't talk about that, do we? In August I registered to take a computer class at Fort Lauderdale High School and I told the teacher if I just learned how to turn on a computer I would be happy. Hey, come on, remember the first time you saw a computer? Did you see an 'on' button? Did you know what to do? In any case I did learn how to play Solitaire which was a good way of learning how to handle the mouse and I did learn how to turn on a computer which was good as soon I would have to know!

September was a good month starting with Marcello, the manager I didn't particularly get along with, being transferred to a Jupiter store and then Hurricane Georges which was suppose to hit us didn't! I was paying my bills, not charging as much and, for a change, didn't have a problem with the car. Everything was looking good and then it got better and worse, in October.

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