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Let us pray for those who were hurt in the Boston Marathon bombing..and for the family of those who lost their lives..

Dear Heavenly Father:
We ask for your healing hands to touch those who were hurt
in the bombing at the Boston Marathon. We ask for your protection
for the fire and police as they continue to help those that are hurt.
Let us also pray the no one was hurt in the 3rd explosion at the J.F.K. building.
Heavenly Father was ask that you touch those that are
hurt and to let them know that you are there.
We ask you all of this Father in your name


Agreed mike its on live on the news 24 over here in the uk, there asking that people to stay indoors, and they have found 2 unexploded ied,our prayers to all in boston and their families from the uk.




So very sad! And an 8 year old boy died in this bombing! So thinking of everyone affected by this horrid and senseless tragedy!


yes completely agree, we should add all to our prayers.


Amen. Thank you Michael!


My condolences go out to the people of Boston. I will never understand senseless violence against innocent people. This is a sad day for the world.


I enjoy watching marathons on TV but to see this is extremely sad hope they catch the people who did this, why do people do this?


There is no answer to your question, Peter.


Thanks for the prayer, Michael. To those that lost their lives in the bombings, may you rest in peace & my condolences. And to those still injured, wishing you a fast and healthier recovery.

@Peter: I would not try answering, nor am I, but people are just offended by the fact that when someone doesn't comply in accordance with their terms, they sense a feeling of fear or loss & tend to hurt those that do so. Well, that's as far as I'm informed on such a topic. Hope it helped.

- Indie