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1st time @San Diego - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys! how you doin?
Im gonna do a quick stop by San Diego and Id like to know if somebody know where I should go to have a good party at.
Ive been looking on internet but it's more exciting to read about people who has been there.
Hope everybody could help me.


I have gone there for vacation. Its a nice place. Head to the HIGHLANDS section of the city. Its the gay strip. Restaurants and gay bars abound in that section. The weather is always nice and relatively warm. If you are a beach sort of guy I recommend OCEAN BEACH. Lots of hot surfers there and tons of eye candy. Walk out onto the pier. Really nice views of the area from there. Be sure to bring a camera. Inexpensive places to eat at Ocean Beach too! There is also the Sea Aquariam. I went there to see live Dolfins and was not disappointed. I spent hours there. A bit expensive but worth it.

You will have a nice time there...


What type of places are you interested in? As Dave said we do have a large gay section called Hillcrest. There are resturant, bars, and dance clubs. Message me and I will send you websites, maps and things to do in San Diego.