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Dear Pet lovers,

Since October 18th 2011, we shifted into our new business premises on the English Street 9 Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. Due to the growth our company experienced over the last few years, we needed to make this change in our business location. At our swanky new office building we have:-

• Beautiful showroom
• Lobby
• Meeting Room
• Packing Room
• A good office

The present office is at a beautiful and convenient site which is surprisingly refreshing

Every day there are more products and items being put up for sale. The K9shop has a very wide range, so ofcourse we have a shop with lots of choices.

We are selling normal everyday pet related items, as well as many fascinating rare stuff that you can not find elsewhere.

The official website we maintain is http://www.juliusk9benelux.nl/ . It has much more meaning, more information, more pictures, more and more customer friendly services tied up with it.

We make shipments using the DPD postal service of Netherlands. Normally the shipping takes less than 72 hours but some articles have a longer delivery and Of course you will be kept infirmed about this when you order from us.

Wholesale customers get additional discounts or reseller prices.

You should contact the K9Shop by E-mail ( info@k9shop.nl ) Phone (+31-416284322) or through our website http://www.juliusk9benelux.nl


I have an aquatic frog.


Scratch that. I had an aquatic frog. He just passed on from this world this morning.

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