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“Scapegoats for Hire” - Your WRITES

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I'm not sure if I am doing this right, but I thought I would share a poem that wouldn't let me get to sleep until I wrote it.

“Scapegoats for Hire”

You say we’re needed
Yet we’re the first to cut off
You say you need our help
But you give it to us in return
You praise us for our knowledge
Though you claim we don’t know enough
You have no idea what we do
Yet you say we don’t do enough
You ask for a “favour”
But you have no idea what the word even means
We do
Your hypocrisy is apparent
Even when we spell it out to you
Your problems
Your Incompetence
Become our problems
Our Impotence
You are the capitals of the Mid-Level
We are the bottom rung
You don’t the point of existence
The feeling is mutual
You don’t think you need us
If only to serve as you Scapegoats for Hire


very nice, Keira. thanks for sharing

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