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Your god is dead - Your WRITES

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Your world will die
and so will I
hanged on the rope in your holy sky

god fucks my mind
he makes me blind
putting his balls
into the holes
of my eyes

his bitter lies
are poured out of the tomb
of my mother's stinky womb...

I am too drunk to go further.


There is no harm
in being hugged by his strong arm

I've been misled

In his bed
I am fed
by his breath...


Dont understand this, reckon others dont either, if your looking for faith you won't find it this way.
If you feel abandoned & betrayed get over it, thats life.


Whaaa? It was just writing of a drunk Satanist. I didn't ask for any comnents. FUCK god!


Kai, the drunk satanist, like that, dont need to swear though just use. Blessed be,or dont you like association with other witches, bet you some on here are wiccan too,none of us are satanic,even if we delve in the dark arts,we believe in the goddess and her power.
Have a blessed day huni


That's why I'd really like to start my own group for Satanic LGBTQ. For people that hate the very idea of any form of RHP deity. We believe Ourselves to be Our own Gods. Here and Now. And the real name for your goddess will be Baphomet.


Some gays are Satanists, Nazis, Racist, etc. To be a homosexualist doesn't always mean to be a nice person that loves everything and everyone. This group's name is 'Writes', and not 'Only for Wiccans'. Am I wrong?


And my flag is a black rainbow. ;-)


All the above groups or tags could be classified under anarchists, and include emos,goths,metalheads,you say you want a group so ask tara,she wont bite,unless your a bad little devil, to me witches & pagans are the tags to use, rather than satanic, that frightens some, and can be misunderstood by christian followers on here.
Suggest you post in the rainbow lounge asking who would be interested in the group if enough start it,and few will join without an official invite, admin is easy but you have to justify your decision to management for any action you do, i can advise you, or suggest others if necessary, but do ask management first.


Thank you for your response and advice.


Your god is dead.
I would stab him with a knife
whether or not he was still alive.
You need no rules
as do other fools.

Just cut you wrists
for jesus christ.

Give him your blood.
Give him your bread.

Be as dead...

as he is.


My soul and my mind are as bright
as the pupil of the eye of the very last night
in your unimportant lives.
All you know are just lies.
You have been fed
with holy cows' shit.
I guess you haven't eaten anything more tasty as yet.
Have you?

Show me the evidence of your god's existence! Will you?
Of course, you won't.

See you soon, in Hell.

Nature is the sweetest nightmare ever.
Let's enjoy it together
as long as this awful world exists.
Till the day when comet's fists
crush it into thousand pieces.

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