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The Last of Our Days - Poetry Group

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now I've recently written...I know it still needs some work...so if any of you have any suggestions...I will be more than happy to receive any advice or criticism anyone has to offer...thanks...

Today’s the last day his arms embraced me,
the last day his body lies next to mine,
the last day I wish for what will not be,
the last day he becomes worth my time.

Today’s the last day I live love’s dream,
the last day I hold on to nothing,
the last day for us it would seem,
the last day I’ll feel his painful sting.

Today’s the last day he brings me to tears,
the last day he has a hold over my heart,
the last day his charm reaches my ears,
the last day he tears my soul apart.

Today’s the last day I will ever feel down,
the last day I care more for him than myself,
the last day he’ll see me hanging around,
this is his last day with me now he is by himself.


Seems fine jony,add it to your portfolio, not all poetry needs to rhyme though :

The hope i dreamed of was a dream,
Was but a dream ; and now i wake,
Exceeding comfortless,and worn, and old,
For a dream's sake

I hang my harp upon a tree,
A weeping willow in the lake ;
I hang my silenced harp there, wrung and snapt
For a dream's sake.

Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart ;
My silent heart, lie still and break :
Life, and the world, and mine own self, are changed
For a dream 's sake.

Hope you like it have it my friend & blessed be


I know not all poetry has to rhyme...but I love to rhyme...it's sort of my style...but thanks...

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