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Straight Guy Giving In? ...IDK... - Gay Guys! <3

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So, I went out of town to stay at my aunties for the week. And my cousins were excited to see me and everything was awesome for the first night in. My oldest cousin came in with two of his buddies the next morning as I was making coffee. My cousin greeted me, and went down to his room which was in the basement. I made my coffee and went outside for a smoke, my aunt got up and said she was going to the city with my smaller cousins. So, I finished my smoke and went back inside to fix something to eat. The tall friend of my cousins, came upstairs to grab a coffee as well and told me the other two crashed out and they came from a party. the tall one was cute, (I'm straight acting gay, masculan) and he didn't know I was gay. He went outside for a smoke, and I joined him to see if I could get a read. He was straight by the way, we talked for a bit and I think he finally got a sense of me. But I made sure, when he asked me if I had a girlfriend back home, I told him I wasn't into girls. "Oh, I see" were his words. I thought our conversation would have ended, as they usually do with straight guys I just met. He went on about back home, what do I do for fun and work. I gave him the same questions in return and asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said no. Going into deep water, I asked him if ever been with a guy before, and he said nope and prolly never will. I didn't want anything going into my butt, its just doesn't feel like me. So, I gave him the science on gay people, straight acting, top, bottom, versatile. I waited for him to ask me what I was, and we went off into a different topic about what I would be doing for the week. I was just visiting, and hopefully hit up a movie. (No theaters where I'm from) The phone rang, and my aunt called in to say she would be coming in late. She would be taking her kids to their dads for the night, and she would return before dark. I made another coffee and went back outside, Tim was his name; was still sitting there. I told him my aunt called to tell me I would be alone for the day with Tristan, my oldest cousin. It was only, 9:30am, and my aunt had gave me the keys to her car before I went to bed the night before. When I sat back down next to him, he never talked; he bummed a smoke and kinda looked away. So, I started to the next convo, I asked him what he would be doing today. He says he wanted to go to his camp with his buddies who are sleeping in the basement right now. (He had to water his plants twice a week) He was pretty sure, Tristan had no gas to get to the gas station in his truck. He finished his smoke and asked to use the phone, he was calling another friend to take him out to the camp. I went to take a shower and get ready for the day, I thought about tracking down an old friend living in the city. I came down stairs, and totally forgot my breakfast was still sitting there. I started to eat it and then Tim walked back into the house, handing me the phone that was ringing. It was for Tim, someone calling him back, and they spoke and his friend wouldn't be able to drive him. Then, he asked me if I would want to make some extra bucks, and I thought about it at first and then agreed to. He wanted to make a quick stop to his apartment, when we got there he said he would be about 15-20mins and invited me in. I said, I would go get a real coffee from Tim Horton's and would be back in time for him. I came back, and he was showered and freshly clothed. He asked for a coffee and paid for it of course. And off we went, he guided me on to a highway, and about 15 mins later, we turned off into the nature. He started asking me about school and stuff like that, and then he asked which one I was. I asked him with confusing look, which what?, and kept driving into the bush. I could see a lake, approaching and that told me we were getting closer to the camp. "Which gay are you?" I told him I was a bottom gay, and he made sure by asking, "Thats the one who likes to take it right?" I kinda smiled and giggled a bit, and said yes. We got to the camp, and we walked in. It was a huge cabin, and he says his parents built a bigger one and gave him this one. It had two bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and livingroom with a view. He started watering his plants around the cabin and then I found a little mini bar behind the kitchen. He filled another jug of water and went to the basement of the cabin which was weird now that I think of it. He was down there for about 10mins, and finally called my name. Telling me, to help myself to the kitchen. I grabbed a beer right away, and went to the front porch to look out to the lake. He finally came from the basement and came outside to find me, and started to giggle. "A beer?", nice he said. I told him, only this one beer would do. I looked at my phone, only to notice there was no service. He went to grab a beer, and joined me on the porch. I had to ask him, was this cabin bigger than his apartment. By far he says, so he asked me a question. He asked when I knew I was gay, before high school I replied. Then asked, if I have ever been with a girl; I have and it didnt do it for me. I finished my beer, and went to put it into recycling bin. I returned with my keys and lit a smoke to wait for him to finish his beer. He did, and he went into the cabin to get another beer, and asked if he wanted to spend a couple hours here. I knew I did with him, but I didnt want to get drunk with him. So I put my coat inside the cabin and returned with a bottled water. He says, and I quote, "no no no, have a beer chum, or they're some whiskey and pop in the fridge" he said. I asked how we were going to get back to the town, if I had more than two drinks, I wasnt going to drive" He then said, he could get his sister to come get us. So, I mixed a rye n coke and joined him on the porch. An hour went by, he asked alot about what I was into, career wise and I shared a bit and returned the same questions to him. He went to college and works as a carpenter with his uncle, and is also a supervisor on his site. He was 27, 3 years difference between us and i was 24. He was on his 7th drink maybe and started to get sleepy, (he did pull an all nighter) and I tried to get him to call his sister and he did. No service, no surprise to me. So I had the day to myself, at a camp with a hottie passed out drunk. I saw a trail leading out to the woods, I followed it just to see where it would lead to. Another property next to his, so I turned back and went back to the camp. It was about 1:00pm now, and I started to get sleepy too, I poured another drink and went back out to the porch. He came back out, 10mins later in shorts and a towel. "I thought you were sleeping." I said to him, he said he was going for a swim and asking me to join him. I said, I would go to the water with him and watch the lake. He dove into the water and swam for a bit, I watched the lake for a bit and noticed he wasnt in the water anymore. I could see his hand just under the water, I started to get really worried and then jumped in the water after him, I pulled him to the shore and was too scared, I forgot to check for a pulse. His body felt lifeless when dragging him to the shore, and I got on to the beach and started CPR. I went down to give him mouth to mouth and he stuck his tounge up my mouth and I pulled away. "YOU WERE OK?" I asked frantically. He was laughing and still drunk, and said "Im sorry, I just wanted to see what it felt like to kissed a guy."
I rested back on to the beach, relieved he was okay. I stared out into the sky and asked him, "Is that why you brought me out here?" No, I really had to water my plants he replied. As I stared out, I felt him grab my junk and then as I looked over he was right there and went in for the kiss. I couldnt say no, he was hot and I did think about what he would look like without a shirt. To be honest, I had a boner on the beach watching him swim. He started to roll us across the beach, and he started kissing me harder. I pulled away for some air, and asked him if he wanted to go into the cabin. He said sure, so away we went. We did it all, and it was amazing. He really liked this kind of sex, to him he was only scared someone would want to stick it in him. But I wasnt like that, I am a bottom. he did one thing, I didnt think he would be into tho. I usually never get sucked off from a guy whos Bi-sexual or straight guy. It was hot, I didnt even last long. he spit of course. I swallowed. lol. So after we were done, he said he wanted to sleep for abit. I went down stairs to the main floor and made another drink. I left him, he was naked and sprawl out sleeping in the bed. I went back out to the porch, in his robe and thought for a bit. Am I a slut for just doing that, or just experienced an awesome time? he woke up a few hours later and I was sitting comfortably in his robe on the couch still drinking. He was naked when he walked down, he finished a whole glass of water and grabbed a beer. He sat next to me and asked me a question. he wanted to know what I thought about him. What I see him as, I didnt know how to respond tho. I didnt know how to define him. So, I asked him some questions. Does he still like girls?, he does, and does he like guys too. He answered, I guess I do but only guys like me. I dont really seem gay, even my other cousins dont see it either. So I told him he was bi-sexually curious, I really didnt know what he was. My questions are, Am I a slut for just doing this guy? and what is he really?

Side Information
- he really didnt have a sister to come get us
- We drank there and spent the night


what a great story. yes you are a slut in the best way


lol...the best way? hmmmm.... So did I get it right tho?, is he bi-sexually curious?


Sounds curious to me. Bisexual, time will tell if he loses interest in girls or not now that he has learned how it is with two men. Don't stress being a slut, some of my best lovers were really good sluts!


Sun., March 31st, 13, !0:10 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
Does That Make You a Slut? Answer NO.
He Knew Your Were Gay, He Also Wanted
Sexual Enjoyment - Blow Job, He Probably
Knew Full Well He Could Trust You to
Give Him that Sexual Relief., and Feel Good
Later Is He Bi - Maybe and Maybe Not..
Guys Enjoy SEX. Straight Guys if They Feel
They Can TRUST There Gay Associates
Don't Mind to Ask for Oral Sex Now and Then.
As I See It, No One Gets Hurt and Each Party
Gets Something Out of It.
Sexual Enjoyment.
Just My Views,


sounds good, just what i needed to hear.... thnks


No you are not a slut. He was curious and you fulfilled his fantasies and calmed his fears. He was afraid that being with a guy meant he had to experience anal sex which he did not want but he clearly wanted to experience male love. The fact that he went down on you proves this. He a now totally bisexual and will decide his now fulfilled fantasy is what he wants to continue. Did you sleep together that night?


Wow. I don't know if I could write anything that nail-biting. Wow. Speechless.


Yeah we totally did, and I am suppose to go visit my aunt reeeeal soon...lol
Really think it was nail biting Jack?....hmmm...I should be a writer... :P


I don't think you are a slut. You were open with him and I think you both responded rather normally. A great event for the both of you.


great story... :-)


slut? mmm does it really matter?! Lol. Looks to me that all went well up until the point that he asked you how you felt about him. It would have been okay to simply respond with " I like you".
It might not be too late if you guys cross paths against some point