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My Equal Right! - Your WRITES

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[This is a mini essay I took the time to write last night. I was depressingly inspired to right on 'Equality'. Hope you like it. ***No intent to hurt any particular group of people, individuals, or ideologies. It's just a point of view.***]

Equality, a noun by definition standing out as: "the quality or state of being equal." To a lame man , with everything being at its absolute state of meaning, he'll understand that no matter where you come from, your ethnic background, principles, orientation, or even gender you're equal to him on every other basis. The only question that comes up is: "What's that one thing that separates us from each us?" Your intellectual stability? Federal rights? Your mother tongue/language? Educational career/background? Or just the mere reason that, you may wish to be uniquely yourself but are pulled down due to irrelevant laws in today's [LGBT] community? There's a small passage referring to "The Emptiness of Existence", that goes as follows: "That which does not exist, only begins to exist, by something already existing. Therefore, if at one time nothing was in existence, it would have been impossible for anything to have begun to exist, and thus now nothing would be in existence; which is absolutely absurd. Therefore, not all beings are merely possible but there exists something in existence of which is necessary; but every necessary thing either had its necessity caused by another or not. Now, it's impossible to go on into infinity on necessary things which have their necessity caused by another as has already been proved in regards to efficient causes. Therefore, we cannot postulate the existence of some being having of itself its own necessity, and not necessary it from another; but rather causing in others their necessity...." In other words, you may be as much political as religious, more extremist as you are ignorant, or just as empty & cold as you may wish to worsen the situation - yet, what's that once bottom line resolution that has you equal to anyone around you? Just for one short moment, forget that you may have earned that highest of ranks and/or valuables/possessions; or maybe even the worst of them all; what would be that one thing standing out on your behalf? Forget you're American, white, married, gay or lesbian, or even the owner of the moon - what would you have left once all you ever had (or thought of having) was taken & ripped away from you right now)? What do you have left? Not considering or counting the fact that you ever had any common sense or survival skills at this point of time. If on both sides of the equation you have zero (on one side, you have all your valuables/possessions/ranks etc & on the other your common sense & survival skills), with each other cancelling themselves out; all you have left is an equal sign. With the symbol holding two parallel lines facing each other. If you see it this way, the equal sign is one unique line in itself. You agree to that so far, right? Now; just imagine seeing yourself in the mirror. You see an exact reflection yourself on that piece of glass (mirror), and nothing ever changed. Taking that very same concept & applying to two situations, both reflecting your unique identity of course. First situation being that, you should reflect yourself exactly as you see yourself from within (not just on the mirror); upon that significant other of yours you consider closer to you (it may be your partner, close friend, colleague, family, individuals, etc). You'll be amazed by what you not only see, but what you get in return from that experience. The second situation is based on that fact of you're considering yourself to be the equal sign, for a moment. You're reflecting yourself as that perfect line, outward to people you care the most about with everything being equal, and expect nothing in return as favor for what you've given out.

The law may reject me for my orientation, or my pride in it, but for how long? How long would you apply your word of legal constraint to pull me down & stripe me off my Identity? For how long? Yesterday was a problem not a short a while ago, and today it's the LGBT Rights? Then tomorrow's what? My family? My education? My financial status? Which one? You may have the authentic authority to make the law(s) and grant its appropriate rights, but as God established the Earth He made man in His image. In that same aspect of intellectual approach, envision an individual who's part of the LGBT community (or any other), to be as equal a share as you are. A lot of considerations need to be put in place (Religion - killer or all, Constitution, Federal Law, or any other such documentations) , yet why should something be bought forward for it to seem illegal and then eradicate it all? To what extent should it be done? And according to who? The constitution defines my rights & amendments, but how do you define yourself to me as an equal person? You may have witnessed my birth in your federal system or constitutional amendments, but then why when I tell you that I'm gay/lesbian/bi/trans/pan-sexual/queer (and proud of it) you then send your laws & federal rights coming to kill me altogether? It doesn't matter what you may think about me, but the relationship that you create between us brings about a common sense of belonging.

P.S.: You become who you are from within, but don't let that be your limit of reaching out & being unique. No matter your background, define yourself & identity equal to any other person around you - since that's the only way to create a profound, equal, & loving identity with others. Be yourself! It's all about YOU!



Nice, Indie. Keep at it.


Thanks, Jacks!



Well indie "equality " depends a lot on other factors, the capitalist system works on the system of inequality as does many other conventions and agreements in the human world, one could describe it as a rat race.
when you wrote this you take exception against the USA, blame them for a lot of injustice and.inequalities, others are to blame too, you could blame me it was scots and others that made the british empire and also took part in rebellion and wrote the constitution of united states.
When i was born i.had nothing, was given nothing, and no choice over my sexuality, others just took things for granted and went ahead, did not think of consequences, sometimes it still happens, but today their is more choices.
As for nothing or empty space even the void is occupied, dont worry i know you won't understand.
LGBT,well we are supposed to be minorities, whereas i think we are the majority, its the human bigots that are the minority and there afraid of us because of that difference, when others see that, that is when change will happen, and we all should be proud of our community and also survivors of bigotry and hate.
Not my fault i am a spartakist and a witch,humanity made me that way and i am proud of that. .blessed be oestra festival.


Man oh man are you smart, I couldn't follow half the stuff you wrote cuz it was over my head, but what I understood made great sense.


Over deep cushions,drenched with drowsy scents
Where fading lamplight shed its dying glow,
Hippolyta recalls and half- repents
The kisses that first thawed her youthful snow.

She sought, with tempest-troubled gaze, the skies
Of her first innocence, now far away,
As travellers who backward turn their eyes
To blue horizons passed at break of day.

Within her haggard eyes the tears were bright.
Her broken look, her dazed, volupuous air,
Her vanquished arms like weapons shed in flight,
Enhanced her fragile beauty with despair.

Stretched at her feet Delphine contented lay
And watched with burning eyeballs from beneath
Like a fierce tigress who, to guard her prey,
Has set a mark upon it with her teeth.

Strong beauty to fragile beauty kneeling,
Superb, she seemed to sniff the heady wine
Of triumph : and stretched out to her, appealing
For the reward of raptures half - divine.

She sought within her victims pallid eye
Dumb hymns that pleasure sings without a choir,
And gratitude that, like a long - drawn sigh,
Swells from the eyelid, swooning with fire.

'Hippolyta, dear heart, have you no trust?
Do you not know the folly that exposes
To the fierce pillage of the brawling gust
The sacred holocaust of early roses?

My kisses are as light as fairy midges
That on calm evenings skim the crystal lake.
Those of your man would plow such ruts and ridges
As lumbering carts or tearing coulters make.

They 'll tramp across you, like a ruthless team
Of buffaloes or horses, yoked in lust.
Dear sister, turn your face to me, my dream,
My soul, my all, my twin, to whom i trust!

Turn me your eyes of deepest, starry blue.
For one of those deep glances that you send,
I'd lift the veil of darkest joy for you
And rock you in a dream that has no end. '

But then Hippolyta raised her head,
'No blame nor base ingratitude i feel,
But, as it were, a kind of nauseous dread
After some terrible, nocturnal meal.

I feel a swooping terror that explodes
In legions of black ghosts towards me speeding
Who crowd me onto swiftly moving roads,
That, sliced by sheer horizons, end up bleeding.

Have we done something monstrous that i tremble?
Explain, then, if you can ; for when you say,
'Angel ',I cower.Yet i cannot dissemble
That, when you speak, my lips are drawn your way.

Oh,do not fix me with a stare so steady
You whom I love till death in still submission,
Yes, even though you, like an ambush ready,
Are the beginning of my own perdition.'

Then Delphine stamped and shook her tragic mane,
And, like a preistess,foaming and fierce, and fell,
Spoke in a lordly and prophetic strain
-'Who dares,in front of love, to mention Hell?

Curbed forever be that useless dreamer
Who first imagined, in his brutish mind,
Of sheer futility the fatous schemer,
Honour with love could ever be combined.

He who in mystic union would enmesh
Shadow with warmth, and daytime with the night,
Will never warm his paralytic flesh
At the red sun of amorous delight.

Go, if you wish, and seek some boorish lover :
Offer your virgin heart to his crude hold,
Full of remorse and horror you"ll recover
And bring to me your scarred breast to be consoled...

Down here, a soul can serve only one master. '
But the girl, venting her tremendous woe,
Cried out 'I feel a huge pit of disaster
Yawning within :it is my heart, i know!

Like a volcano burning, deep as death,
There 's naught that groaning monster can assuage
Nor quench of thirst the Fury's burning breath
Who brands it with a torch to make it rage.

Let our closed curtains isolate the rest,
Until exhaustion brings us sleep, while I
Annihilate myself upon your breast
And find in you a tomb on which to die.'

Go down, go down, poor victims, it is time ;
The road to endless hell awaits your lusts.
Plunge to the bottom of the gulf,where crime
Is flagellated by infernal gusts.

Swirling pell-mell,and with a tempest's roar,
Mad shades, pursue your craving without measure :
Your rages will be sated nevermore,
Your torture is begotten of your pleasure.

No sunbeam through your dungeon will come leaking :
Only miasmic fevers, through each chink,
Will filter, like sick lanterns, redly streaking,
And penetrate your bodies with their stink.

The harsh sterility of all you relish
Will swell your thirst, and turn you both to hags.
The wind of your desire, with fury hellish
Will flog your flapping carrion like wet flags.

Far from live folk,like werewolves howling high,
Gallop the boundless deserts you unroll.
Fulfil your doom, disordered minds,and fly
The infinite you carry in your soul.
Just something from the past about forbidden love and society, it did not change me,and is relevant to discussion, but what forbidden love do they condemn.

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