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I love and let go - Poetry Group

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When she smiles
I feel the warmth
She giggles like a child
She lights up the room

Then she is gone once more
Making me wish I could keep her
For just a little while
She flies away on a wing and a prayer

Because people need her
Yes they need her out there
So many questions
So many why's and where's
But all I can do is sit and stare

Feeling just not good enough
Why I ask myself
Why is love so rough

I've learnt I can't keep her
I love and let go
I only hope she thinks of me
Now and then
Just a little thought

Does she even remember me
Now she is out in the world
Dancing and loving and being free

So I won't look anymore
I'll close my eyes
And I'll pretend not to cry
I'll say goodnight
And not goodbye


Don't let go....you love ok!!!!


Don't EVER let go! Just remember her as good memories!



Very sweet and melancholy at the same time.

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