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I AM STRONG and BEAUTIFUL! - Gay Guys! <3

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When I feel that the world does not understand me then I encourage myself to force them to see me. I scream with whispered words of emotion and I tell myself that I am strong. I will succeed. I am succeeding because I am strong, I am beautiful, I am.


Yes your gorgeous so just find a good man who will love and care for you


Keep it up. . . That's how cancerians face the world. . . .


Huey brian
ur words ate encouraging
i am one of the few gay guys out there who write graffiti and i fell really
dicriminated against for the sumple fact that i like men other writers dont want nothing to do with me because they are to good for me i hate it
but i am strong and proud of who i am so i dont stop
i love me for me and thats it

i just felt like sharing too


Brine where do you live it must be hard for you but if you need courage please accept our help


We don't need people to look at us. We need to look at ourselves.


Yes, it has taken me the last two years looking within myself: to love and see that I am worthy of being who I am and I am indeed. I have a boyfriend that loves me and I love him. So, the more; I love and support myself--my family will follow suit because; they see that I am happy. This is not to say that our relationship is not riddled with trouble. I suffer from Bipolar and he has to deal with my mood swings daily but nonetheless, he loves me!


thats pretty cool,am proud of who i am


Be proud, Jerry.


I have been proud and out since 1948 so you know I know who I am and that's where pride comes in--it sounds like a cliche but love yourself--NO ONE can love me like I love me! :O)