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Rainbow - Gay Guys! <3

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Do you take pride in the rainbow flag? I really don't. I'm bisexual and I don't even care much for the bisexual flag...

My reasons:

Yes I believe in unity but I don't really believe that the rainbow flag actually represents that! I believe that the rainbow flag represents just homosexuals and transgenders and very little of bisexuals.

With me I don't really get involved in gays bars as much as I used to. I rather find a place or group that is LGBT PLUS! There for I can be happy. I'm really about being me rather then being bi to tell you the truth.

I am out completely and even to my Dad. Nobody cares about that to tell you the truth. We just have fun and make fun of just about everything in life.


I love the rainbow flag


It's colorful. I even have a rainbow theme on my website (which somebody else put up and designed for me).

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