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hey ladies - Lesbian Ladies

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okay now i am being serious i have the appearance of a tom boy i guess i have changed since my photo years ago , now i was looking on zoosk which is a dating website i am a free member but not subscribed and every woman i see with profiles is either to young like teens and twenties and are either to old nearly in there fifties .
now my biggest concern is how they present themselves i have to say it they are way to masculan hope i spelt that right .
every one of them has a hard face and or a rough looking photo now i am never against woman feeling happy and comfortable with themselves but is there a reason for this to be happening .
what happened to a soft and gentle face or sometimes a female look.
i am not saying this to cause anger or disrespect i just wonder what happened to the lipstick lesbians i mean seriously why is it so hard to just have a feminine face it sort of turns me off even having a partner i hope you all understand were i am coming from.
please know i dont mean to be rude or disrespectful but i really want an answer because some of the males i have seen look more girly then the girls.
if you can help me understand please comment cheers mel


The lipstick les are still here. I am one . And honestly i love lipstick lesbians too. I dont think youre being rude. Everyone had a right to what they desire. I gtg now. Will try to answer this later.