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Positive messages to myself. - Gay Guys! <3

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I share the power of positive messages with you today because I know how greatly these words have helped me. I have used these inspirational messages many times in my life.

I used these inspirational words when I was young, when I was afraid, when I felt insecure or alone, or when I felt like no one understood me. They were there to tell me that I was loved, wanted, and appreciated.

When I doubted myself then these words of encouragement would flood back into my mind to applaud my achievements and to entice me into further accomplishments. These positive messages were there to remind me that everything would wind up being okay because things just have a funny way of working out to be that way.


If you get a lover, lots of friends and someone who takes interest in you then you can forget being insecure


Positive thinking is very good. Think good, and it will be good.