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on this site it seems i posted hate against the german nation, as usual taken out of context, and as usual misunderstood, my mother is german, in my family we are inter-married to many different people all over the world, and i have lots of friends and relations in many different countries and also different religions, a cousin that is a preist in los angeles, is just one , an uncle that is german, now deceased, served at sea in commerce raiders in ww2, another uncle, he was at omaha beach, even got a purple heart, and my scots family side served in the merchant marine in all areas of conflict, including murmansk run.
On here one of the first avatars i used was a raider, a commercial ghost ship, her name was the komoron, google it, you will find she sank the sydney in sharks bay off the coast of australia, she was a german ship, wonder how many on here ever been to flensburg and the u-boat museum, i have also at keil hamburg and munich, so why would i post hate against the german people, when i am related to that country.
Its not my fault i was born a freak, and the people that really showed hate to me came from scotland, was even raped by a man of god, as a kid, is it any wonder i was the only kid that played cricket with the asian & pakistan community in woodside, away from where i stayed, otherwise i was alone, most times i escaped glasgow, spent time alone in the hills and high lonely places, and slept in henge monuments where i felt safe.
When i first came on this site, i made a mistake it was joined up to facebook on that page was a few workmates and family, did not understand that when updating profile on here it would show up on facebook, so they all saw it, only my sister helped, re-arranged settings to stop any further disclosure, and her friends helped too, whilst some at work saw it tried to get on this site, to cause problem, well they failed, eric zheng probaly blocked them, that was a help, even so it led to a situation at work where i had a knife put at my throat, and the boss stood by and did nothing, only when i threatened to resign, the bosses wife wanted to know why and when she found out she sorted it 2 of them paid of the rest warned to leave me alone.
I go to clydebank LGBT group, its a small group, only about a dozen attend, half of them are involved with crosslynx, a transgender group, the rest are gay and lesbians, we all get on well with each other, we dont hate each other, so why is on here it seems to be present.
If you dont understand then ask for clarification, dont just assume, i have my own problems just as many have, sometimes its the injections.sometimes its other things.
And finally remember who made the rules with tonia for this room, me and tonia worked it out via inbox over a period of a few months, now neither of us is here often, and i talk with her via facebook, as i can with debbie, or even mike , and lots of others, i know i am not perfect, never assume with me, on my status is HK, tommy knows what it is its german, stands for hilfskreuzer, it says a lot, at times i prefer invisibility.
On here i had 300 friends at one time, added half to the united LGBT earth group on facebook, to me there is no reason why we dont use both sites, and if we can be friends there, then why not here.
But we all have individual lives to live, so sometimes i have to go, its not a reflection on any of you, its me, at times, i have to withdraw, suppose thats because i am introvert, you meet me in real life i am the opposite to what you all think i am on here, so dont read anything into posts i post on here, read it as its stated.


Hey Ailean sometimes I think people aren't happy unless they are startingsome kind of shit on and here and on Facebook both. I tend to appreciate my friends, I dion't usually say to much on here or Facebook, sometimes Iget mad as hell at some people on here cause they want to stick there noses in peoples business where it don't belong. Sorry if I have ever made you upset with me, if I have I don't mean to do it. It is a pleasure to have you as a fiend on here nd on Facebook. Thanks


thanks karen, you have always been a good friend, sometimes its just my paranoia, but sometimes there is the feeling of persucution on here, this is the only place, Oh sure we get trolls on fb too, they dont last long details are posted and everyone can then tell them exactly where to go.
Quite a few left here, after i did, and the problem was simple with me, i was having a bad spell, it happens, thats why i isolate myself, dont see why my friends should suffer, thats my problem.
As for other problems this site used to be good, and always busy, now at times the busiest group is writers and happy group as well as poetry, even mike group still on the go, a bit busier, mabey then he will stop playing fb games, but then many do, i dont, but thats just me.
tara you want to improve this site then do something about sharing from facebook or twitter to here, you miss so much happening in the real world, and i have links with russia lgbt and also shanghai and lots of others, just a pity we cant share some of it on here, that might be something andre and jack could do, andre on facebook there is a group occupyequality, jessica runs it , and its based in new york, mabey you check it out.
As for those that left, at least some did say they would think about returning, even catherine elizebeth, and others, thats right did you think i could not find my friends elsewhere, found everyone except tara.
If everyone can just try and get on with each other like an extended family, despite the bitterness and tears and fights and interference by others not involved, then mabey this site will improve, originally i only came back on here for a few that dont and wont trust fb, and a special person that has her page set as private, so we had to talk via here, but now we can do that via gmail, so thats an improvement.
For some on here this is the only place they can talk with lgbt people, because there in countries where the alternative is imprisonment, or being targeted, that needs to change but that will take a long time, thats why here is important, just as much as the other groups on facebook, and that includes the gays.com facebook page, which only tommy and myself seem to keep posting in the groups, we should all help each other, but what is the point if someone comes on here and is chased by older guys, or a T-girl is chased by bi-sexual guys in the chat rooms or elsewhere on here, it does not happen on my groups, we protect our friends, and even some unfriends that support lgbt rights, in the groups, unlike here.
One of my friends told me guys that go with T-girls and have sex are not gay, that is just stupid, these silly things tags, little boxes, should not mean anything either on here or elsewhere, if people on here want to behave like children, thats the way they will be treated, and an old saying used to be go sit in the corner and be silent, cant imagine any of you liking that, so please grow up, and if you dont want to talk to me just say so, i will be quite happy with that.
I think i have now said enough in this discussion, end of story.

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