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I went to a bookstore last week to buy the film Shelter. I looked for it in the drama section but did not find it. In the computer system, it said that the film was in stock, so I went back to the department and asked the clerk. He asked if I checked the drama section, and I said yes, so he took me over to a little corner where they had a little wall section for LGBT films. My question is if this is not a form of discrimination. When looking for Titanic, do you have to go to the hetero section of the store? What of Sleepless in Seattle: a straight movie or just a plain romantic comedy? Why do Shelter, Jeffery, or Brokeback have to lumped together in an LGBT section instead of being organized according to their respective genres?



To my understanding, the major part of the community still tend to find such a topic to be quite sensitive; and to the point where, they won't mind discriminating the subject in broad daylight (if not the whole subject, itself). I'm not sure if you are aware of what, the project I recently bought up, intends to do. Well, at least make people know what the LGBT Community is all about; b/cause most people don't even know what it is. It's not due to their ignorance, it's just b/cause the subject has not being bought forward to the broad day light and sustained; yet staying as a grounded topic of debate, like most or any other one(s) out there. Let's see how it can last that way. Not for too long, that's for sure.



well lgbt films, are all put together, for the convenience of those that like that and its easier for searching, HMV is almost gone now, and its only at fopp, that you can find LGBT films.
Most shopping is now done online, and the titles are posted out to you, as for shelter, 2 reasons why its differcult to find, its gay, and asian ie: bollywood, even ordinarary bollywood films like race and kidnap are differcult to find, unless you know specialist shops, but even they are dissapearing now, everything is being done online now, and a lot are streaming films, you can get shelter that way too jack, and it may be wise to check u-tube as it may now be available to watch on there, after all its a year old now.
As for discrimination on dvd's dont think so even soft porn is in a different section as war films and westerns, thank god, imagine having to search all the shelves for a film, remember i once asked a young guy about "battle of the bulge" starring henry fonda and robert shaw, he said he never heard of it, so dont expect tellers in shops to know, anyway at least i have my queer as folk and lipstick jungle, and lots of others to watch, collection runs from 1907, - present day. all genres.

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