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The angels fell from heaven - Your WRITES

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The angels fell from heaven
dark broken beasts
all they know is pain and sadness
all they want to do is take over the streets
They do not know what love is nor do they care
wild hungry beasts roam the streets once more
they hide as men, boys and girls
children of the streets
how do we know who they are
look around but you can't tell
the smashing continues
and burning like hell
who will save us from this now
are the profits right?
have they been right all along?
Is this the begining of the end?

In the darkness shines a light
She is pure of heart
She speaks of peace and love
From ruins torn she was born
Her smiles heals hearts ripped apart
She touches souls and makes them whole
As she walks through the streets
Blessing all those she meets
Free us from our pain
Wash away the sadness
With tears like rain
She cries for us all
The strong, the weak, the big and the small

Open your hearts she cries
With tears in her eyes
There shall be no more goodbyes
For the earth shall be new again
As with each day comes the sunrise
Honesty and love will rule
For this is the way it should be
Love shall set you free


When you're single, people ask about your girlfriend & boyfriend.
When you have one, they ask is there any future.
When you have a fiance, they ask about wedding.
When you get married, they ask when will you have a baby.
When you already have one, they ask when is little the brother or sister coming.
When you get 'divorced', they ask why.
If you moved on, they ask why so quickly.

People will never stop asking...

If you're proud of who you are and you don't care about what people think about you, 'LIKE' it; because it's 'YOUR LIFE' and 'YOU' alone should decide how to 'LIVE IT'.


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