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Never Wanted To Say Goodbye - Get HAPPY

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Never Wanted To Say Goodbye

I think of her and our time together,
And the tears come to my eye.
I never wanted to see her go,
Never wanted to say goodbye.

Our time was so special to me,
But I guess it's time to move along.
She wants to spread her wings and fly,
To hold her back, I guess that's wrong.

I always said you only live once
And you have to do what it takes
To make yourself content and happy,
Even if it means some hearts will break.

So I let her go, and said goodbye,
And she was on her way.
If I ever really was in her heart,
She'll come back someday.


True, a bird must fly, if it loved you it will return!


not always, Tristram. Not always.


They don't always return, and if they do they love you, not that it will cement a relationship cuz some people got funny ways of showing love because of their prior damage.


Tell me about it. Baggage makes funny people of us all.


Baggage is one thing; an overnight bag and a knapsack. But when they show up with a fucking moving truck I know it means trouble!


A person has to learn how to unpack his baggage before he can know how to share it with another.


Letting go is a way of showing you were willing to let the person know that you really cared about them. No matter how heavy their baggage was on you, or the impact of the damage on your relationship together; at the end of the day, what lessons did you have to learn from each other? About falling in love, lol. Who sent you falling for it? You don't fall for something, you are that thing. You don't fall for love, that's why the relationship would NEVER work in the first place. You ARE in love with that particular person or thing. No matter what the circumstances may be, it shows you really are in love. You don't even have to show; it's something natural! The more the effort you're trying to show you fell for the love, the more the person would either think you're faking it or you're pretending to do something to take advantage of them, in someway or another.

P.S.: Well, whichever suits you best is what you'll end up being. Like it or not!


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