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An Honest Lie! - Poetry Group

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You came into my life w/ no objectives - I accepted,
Showed me a rainbow of hope & love - I believed,
We were realistically in deep love - I let it be,
I dreamed to have reached further together - We happily marched along,

I held your hand & placed it onto my heart - you gave me life,
Starred into your eyes - I'm forever yours,
I've always needed you at all times - You were the key,
And now you became mine - I gave you my life,

How could I have given you my life?
With you being the ultimate master key,
Meanwhile giving me life I was all yours,
We had happily marched along together,
I always knew I'd the one to let it be,
Believing to have accepted that,
You were another honest lie!



They never seem to understand what of our souls we have given them.



They always seem to under estimate the investment of our time, effort, and unconditional love we give them. And for that, with they get not only discouraged, but lose hope at the same time. Anyway, all we just have to do is continue giving & hope for the best.