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Sup guys. - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi guys, my name is Brett. New to the site.(Thought I should reiterate my post to better describe my intentions for using this site; or in this case, what my intentions are not. I'm here to chat with guys close to or around my own age group. I've no intention of using this site to date or look for sex. I'm not going to accept friend requests from random people and I'm not talking to anyone outside my comfort range. I apologize if this seems like an attack on some of you, but due to recent messages I thought I'd make myself clear.) And now that that is over. I appreciate the welcomes, thank you




Im new too. It would be cool to meet some friends here if nothing else. Im just coming out and have no gay friend and sure would like to make some. Do u konw of any places to meet guys?


Single is good, Brett.


I am single too Brett.


Hi there Brett,....
I know whare you are coming from there .......

WELCOME to the site,and you will
make a lot of Friend`s ...... lol xxx