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RBS Six Nations 2013 - 4th round - Gay Guys! <3

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Well this week started off with an odd match where Wales defeated Scotland - the odd thing about it was that it had 18 conversions! This was Wales's fifth consecutive away wins which is a brand new International and Tournament record!
Then, France still didn't get a win against Ireland when their match ended in a draw.
And England had a narrow win against Italy - at time it looked like Italy could of stolen the match or even gotten a draw!

The scores were:
Scotland 18 - 28 Wales
Ireland 13 - 13 France
England 18 - 11 Italy

The scoreboard currently stands like this:
1st England
2nd Wales
3rd Scotland
4th Ireland
5th Italy
6th France

Next week they it ALL comes to an end!
The final matches are:
Italy V Ireland
Wales V England
France V Scotland

There are so many questions that will be answered next week.
Can Italy seal a win against Ireland to have 2 wins?
Can France beat Scotland and claim their 1st win in this years championship
But the biggest question of all is: Can England beat Wales and claim the Grandslam or can Wales put an end to England's triumph and make their Grandslam dream just a mere dream?

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