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time for love ?? - Gay Guys! <3

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I met Jose 2 mounth ago . That night he wants me to be his BF, and i am shocked , no one said that before ! I kown he is really nice , but he is 10 years older than me . anyway , i really enjoy have sex with him , the soft way he touched me , the wild action on bed , the hair of him and the kisses after sex ......
One thing i am not sure is i am youth who love to have fun , and i am going to abroad 3 or 4 years soon . .
He wants answer from me : What kind of relationship are we surpose to be ?
i used to finding ONS, and i really hope being in love , but i don't want hurt myself and also him .
BTW ; His frist love also named Sebastian , unfortunately, he died years ago.

if u have any question or anything wants to tell me , i am happy hear from you ,
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Sat., March, 9th, 13, 20:15 Hrs. M.S.T.
Enjoy the Relationship While You Can.
Things Could Change Later in Time.
What You Learn Now in Your Sexual
Relationship can Always Cum Handy
if the Relationship Breaks Up,
Relationships are About Learning
From Others Weather Its Sexual,
Emotional, Physical or Otherwise;\.
Good Luck and Enjoy,

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