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I have received this message and I need your advice as to how to respond - The Gay Christian Network

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I have received this message and I need your advice as to how to respond

"Hi Andre! Hope you are doing well and have had a good week! I work here at Gays.com as the xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx and can see you have been very active in the groups! While it is great to be doing so much I was hoping you would cut down on copying and pasting items straight from the Gay Star News website. It might be better was if you put your comment on the story in your own words and gave your opinion. I think then you may be more likely to get a conversation going with the rest of the community. What do you think?

How can I comment on a story if i do not copy and paste it so that people will know what I am commenting about?

The reason I cut and paste is so that the stories and news I share with you is as it was written on occasion I will or may add a "personal note'.

It is very important that I or we receive your feed back so I can either stop, close the group because it serves no purpose and no one is interested or that what i do is either unlawful or (I have ask Gay Star News for their opinion) If the group feels that there is no need for what I do, then I will either leave this site or shut down the groups. I am very aware that I have enemies here which I have either banned or caution them when I felt that they would listen to me and that we could address the problem together.

I have AIDS, and have better things to do, then to do something that is of no use to anyone. Being here takes a lot of effect for me but it has been my passion, thus far and my pleasure when you folks respond.

I have XXX out the persons name and title so that they will not get any sort of backlash.

Please let me know in the next two days, until then they will be No posts in any of the groups

Thank you for being my friends, group members and readers.


Hi Andre,

I value your news items - I can't often respond but they keep me aware of the global struggle for equality. I hope you continue this valuable work - please don't give up..


Thank you so much for your feed back David, It is very important that I know that what I am trying to do does have an effect and touches people. Nice picture btw.: )


Dear Andre

I too value your posts and you certainly keep us informed of issues that I would otherwise not be aware of. I hope you continue your work here too. All the very best. John


Thank you so very much John, I love your feedback and input. I have a feeling that it is indeed the trouble makers that I blocked from my groups that are making all this fuss. it's rather sad actually. I do not think that gays.com really cares so long as everyone is happy, but not everyone can be made happy. I would think that they should enforce the rules about people's profile pictures which they don't seem to mind at all. Or maybe they just haven't got around to it.

Like this which I see all the time not only in peoples profile but in the groups picture icons

Guidelines for Profile pictures on Gays.com

"NO willies!", "NO bare bottoms!" "YES to chests!"...
And so the conversation went... After MUCH heated debate in the Gays.com office about what makes an acceptable Profile photo, we've drawn together a few new guidelines which we would like you, our wonderful members, to follow in the future.

Gays.com is different from other gay websites as we're a COMMUNITY and constantly trying to build on this. Your Profile photo is the first impression you give to other members, so we think it's nice to get an idea about who you are from this picture.

Sure, we all love to look at naked bodies and rude bits (or is that just US?!), but the Profile picture is not the right place for this. Likewise, a picture of your pet or your favourite singer is OK because it's not offensive and shows your interests/hobbies, BUT we think members would prefer to see you and not your furry friends in the main profile.

Previously our guidelines state that Profile images containing "nudity, obscenity or profanity are not allowed". This remains, but please see below for further guidance as to what's a no-no. Please don't be offended if we delete your Profile photo for any of these reasons: don't forget, you CAN include your nude and rude photos in your Albums - just upload a more suitable one as your main Profile pic. Thanks, and happy snapping! We welcome your comments!

So... What ISN'T acceptable?
* Any dick/vagina/bum/booby shots (obviously!).
* Crotch shots (with or without undies).
* Images of underwear where you can see what's going on underneath.
* Anything overly sexually suggestive (hands positioned on crotch, pulling trousers very low to reveal pubic area, etc)
* For men, bare chests are OK, but we think other members would prefer to see your face along with it - please keep close-ups of bare chests and naval areas in your Photo Albums. If you don't want to show your face, that's OK, but please include an appropriate Profile photo.

Of course, all this means we have to clean up previous existing photos which don't follow these guidelines so please bear with us while we do this and report any Profile photos that obviously break these guidelines.


Andre. You're certainly not offending anyone. After all, it's just information. Some of it has caused me to take action on a matter which I would not have done otherwise and some of it is of a nature that I can't do anything about. I think that's pretty normal and after all, our computers do have a 'delete' button if we are not in a position to or don't wish to respond to a certain matter. That's just normal. I don't see that the moderators can have any problem with the information that you provide and as you suspect it would seem that there may be some people who are out to cause trouble. Thanks for keeping us informed, that's what it's all about. Take care, John


It is sad to think that we have a anti bullying group here, and yet, we find here, like every where else bullies. I am here to love, and touch people and heal them if I can and save them if I am able to. To inspire that is why the pictures often change on my groups, so that if someone is having a bad or awful day, maybe, just maybe that really cute picture of a cat hanging on to the knot on a rope says-"If you've reached the end of your rope, make a knot and hang on!"

Now it seems, it's me, that needs that help, Because I hurt and am sad.

The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen

This guy started out as a bully. Where he ended up will surprise you. It surprised the TED audience too, so they went ahead and gave him a rousing standing ovation. It's worth watching every single inspirational minute of this.

Shane Koyczan: "To This Day" ... for the bullied and beautiful


At 1:10, he talks about the unfair question grown-ups always asked when we were kids.
At 1:41, he walks through his career choices.
At 2:11, some adults tell him something awful.
At 3:00, he decides on an impossible career.
At 3:48, he blows my mind.
At 4:50, he quotes an line from a cartoon. I never knew how epic that line was.
At 6:00, the audience realizes something tragic and funny.
At 7:36, he rips my heart out.
At 8:41, something awful is said.
At 9:15, he preaches the truth.
At 10:00, he has a message to every kid who was ever bullied.
At 10:49, you have to do what he says.
At 11:28, he gets to the beautiful, beautiful point. And everybody gives him a standing ovation.
OMG! I posted something!


A very good video delivered with much passion. It was very moving when he got to mention the 'beautiful' at the end and to receive a standing ovation. That shows how effective his message was.

I was not aware of the TED postings before and had a look at others, they are very good and I've now subscribed to them. Many thanks for the lead.


You are very welcomed John, and I am happy that you enjoyed it. I hope you share it with your friends, loved ones and those in need of support. Thank you for commenting.


Regarding bullies. I find them everywhere. I often think very passionate people can be bullies without realizing it. People do not listen to each other and think before responding. It is the same for any group or organization.

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