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To day marks the 2 year anniversary of my Grandmothers passing - Nana Joyce
They say time is the greatest healer, but it doesn't numb the pain I feel when I realise she isn't here anymore.
Time doesn't heal everything - the only comfort I have is that she is finally back with her husband after being apart for 12 years - all I can do is continue with the pain of loss until the time comes when I'll see them again.
R.I.P Nana Joyce 1933 - 2011


Dude, it's not the pain of loss. It's the pain of Love. Love hurts! But it's a good hurt. Would you ever want to forget or loss that feeling?


Grandmothers are fabulous! As I'm a bit older than you I lost my grandmother about 50 years ago but she was the most influential woman in my life - ever! She demonstrated something of what 'tough love' is and she showed me how to handle adversity by basically laughing at it.
Anyone you or I love that has passed on is just the next train stop away. Life doesn't stop just because the body does, I've had proof of that many times. One day, we will all meet up with those that we've loved and what a reunion that's going to be. As Scott said, it's the pain of love that we feel. Can I suggest that you talk to Nana Joyce as though she's right alongside you, because there will be those moments when she is. You might feel her touching your back or you might even smell her favourite perfume, those things do happen and I sometimes feel a second cousin around me who passed over many years ago. She was also a fabulous lady and we had a real connection. Yes, thanks for Nana Joyce and thanks for 'Ma' Ferguson too. Absolutely wonderful people.


I am extremely sorry for your loss

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