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Why is life so hard? - Get HAPPY

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As a child I was always shy. I had low self-esteem because I wasn't a good reader.
I was quite good at math though I remember the time a new system came in where the kids were all sorted into their levels for some reason they got it wrong with me. I was put into an easy level and I loved it. I would do my work and then have time to goof around.
My friend next to me was older than I was and on a few levels up, she was having trouble and I would help her do the problems. The teacher caught me once and said "oh you can do the work do you want to go up to that level"
Of course I just smiled and said no thanks.
But now I know when life is giving you a hard time it's ok because if it was easy you wouldn't be trying.
We have to meet the challenges and turn them into achievements as we go through life.
So next time you are having a hard time just know you're working at your level and you can make it through it's all part of growing and learning.
Also some times we need to ask for help from others there's nothing wrong with that.


Hey, Life won't be hard, unless we've stop trying. It's like saying: 'I wish to get there', but then you close your eyes and stay put. You won't even budge an inch. I had two incidences that shaped my life. First was: At the age of 8, I had lost my mother. And since I'm not a person who's used to crying or getting emotional, I just moved on knowing that something big was missing from my life. And yet again in 2007, I lost my father. That was another big shocking bumper in life. The worst part was that, I was always SO close to my father. He was my good friend, parent, and listener; and to lose him was just, shocking. So using those two incidences, I moved on in life in terms of emotional strength, mental stability, and social comfort. I'm very extrovert of an individual, so you won't really know when I'm sad or low. But, there are occasions where I do get very low and depressed even. Throughout my life, I've never had any good or close friend that I know I could ever trust and actually talk to about my innermost troubles, problems, or just anything that's out of line. Otherwise said, I always wait on time to see how it plays its card. I'm very patient of a person. I respect time a lot. Based on that, I just hope to see what's out there for me to explore.

P.S.: I had just found myself in hard situations before, but now due to them I learnt to shape my perspective on life, discipline my intellect & patiently wait the outcomes.



We moved alot when I was a kid. I loved it when we moved to a crappy school systemthat was years behind what I had been in, I just coasted all cool breeze. Going the other way sucked cuz I was lost for weeks.


Yes Carol, that i so true and I wouldn't be or have who I have right niw if it wouldn't have been for you telling me don't give up, and try harder, Thanks to you I am very happy where I am and who I am with. Again thank you Carol, your a real good friend to have!!!!!!!!!!!


Life is tough and has always been so. I've heard stories from my grandmother, older widows many older vets. I never thought life was suppose to be easy, only because mine wasn't. What I think is: Life is a challenge which can become a cool journey when we have the right attitude. (Still polishing that part in my life).

I know I can choose to be angry, bitter and mean or I can choose to release the anger look for the good, do anything towards the good and know I've done my best. My grandmother taught me a great deal about being positive in any situation and that's what I'm working on.

My issue is people who whine, moan, complain and expect things on a silver platter while never making attempts to get off their sorry butts to help.


Our Lives today is a doddle compered to the way
our fore father`s had there`s .......

But i can understand whare you are all coming from .......

I find that as long as you are true to your self and Like
your self, no matter what,then Life can throw,what ever
your way,and you will Survive.......


Life is not easy, but I figured out how to survive. If not, I would not have lasted this long. We have a story about a fellow who was climbing a mountain. He got two thirds to the top and stopped. "Look how far I still have to go," he complained. His companion replied, "Look behind you at how far you've come so far."


Life is a journey on how much you can discover yourself, and not a mere destination to see how far you've reached to say I've done enough on my part. Don't defeat yourself to prove a point, but instead defeat the point by proving yourself. At the end, it's all about YOU!