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Phone work - Gay Guys! <3

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I have some phone calls to make at work from time to time. Sometimes, I have to call places and take on the names of real people, even women sometimes. I like being able to change my voice, but I find it rather tedious at times. Then, I have a customer service line to call from time to time. There, they ask for a name for security purposes. In the office, we never give our real names, so I can tell them my name is Bejamin Harrison or John Wilkes. I used the name Danny Bonito recently. It just came to me, and I really like it. Those are the phun fone calls when I can make up my own name.


I use to work for Disney in Reservations it was horrible, had to use fake names and all the pixie dust drove me crasy barely made $8.00 and hour but charged people's credit cards thousands of dollars.
It amazed me that people would complain about gas prices but not spending $15.00 for a hot dog and coke at Disney.
Your lucky that you can do that change your own name and all


Yeah, Michael. I love it. I get to slip into the shoes of somebody else, create a facade for myself, and use my creative energies--all in a phone call.