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Hi to all my favorite readers, I know It has been awhile that I have not been writing any ): I really miss my own writings (lol) I have been really really busy here n there trying to keep up. With what If you're asking? Job is driving me nuts n today I just shared a joke w a friend of mine.. A girl that I really like .. So while I m waiting to catch up w her .. I will now sit here w you .. you .. yes you .. why are you turning away when m talking to you (lol) Alright alright chill haha I m just joking n yes n now I m really talking to you ... Oh okay I know I m not "looking" at you.. Literally yes I m talking to you w/o looking at you .. okay again (LOL) I m again joking ..

Many read my post, they love so much n I m v much thankful (of course) n I wrote a story once n my friends tell me to write that into a book .. So I said "Oh now I know what to do when I decided to retire (lol) I will become a writer when I m old n unwanted" hahahahahaha .. Idk.. I always have such a feeling telling me that no one would wanna be w someone like me. Why? How would I know lol .. You know where I stay .. I really have no idea why I attract more men than women T_T Idk If I should be happy when I m a lesbian (I m not totally out though), definitely 0.00 % interest for men (haha) ..

Look at those celebrities.. Yes they are wealthy. But they earn the fame on their own. Just like you spent your time watching a movie. If you have ever seen my page (haha) look at the long list of movies I wrote on my page, that's just a small bit .. I seen more than thousands (lol) .. A movie took many of us 2 to 3 hours to sit there n enjoy. Do you know those artists? When you are probably sleeping at that particular hour, they are still up to get the acting done. Most that you seen, they could take a year or even more than a year to complete. Yet, you know .. We can never please the entire world. When people start to dislike that movie, they totally forgot about the efforts artists tried .. putting every bit into the movie role they are playing. I missed the Oscar ):

Just like writing something, some might not like It .. Again we cannot please the whole world .. but do not feel despair.. You can't please everyone but you can make yourself happy. I feel the pride to write. I m definitely not v good in talking (lol) When I like a girl, I m so shy even If I talk about crap most of the time or when m talkative I can really keep talking hahaha .. (Like what I m doing now lol) Now I m really talkative. If you love to read.. I have a few I can share w you (: They really write so good. And I try come on here n ends up leaving hours later when m supposed to be here to reply my mails I ended up missing my sleep just to read. Why? When I m reading, the writer that post her writings up, she must been sitting here typing for hours .. So why not?

So don't miss out.. If I did not mention your name It doesn't mean I don't like you .. I like every piece of articles here. I wish I could try to keep up but If your name is mentioned (heehee .. okay no .. yes I have a crush .... not on you lol but w your writings lol) So don't miss out these lovely posts. From terrific writers .. here I go (:

1. Carol Wheeler
2. Jillian Anka
3. Koryn Plunket
4. Siany Silc
5. Tristram Goncalves
6. September Rayne Stoner
7. Cynthia Morris
8. Bekk Escott
9. Amy Madigane
10. Aubrie Blauvelt

There are many more (haha) Sometimes I read more than an article n I could comment to all.. So I can try keep up w the rest so I decided to write another article .. Omg .. they write so well !! haha I wish I could write like the 10 names I have mentioned. Some I might not know you but well just so you know, I do read your posts (: So keep 'em coming !!

My subject there is to ask many too so m telling you.. writing is my passion n Idk If that could be an occupation.. keeping my fingers cross Maybe when I retire (lol) All I wish is a little bit more time to keep up lol .. But when everyone writes, they also share a part of their bits in their lives.

And to all my darling readers ..

Thanks for reading my previous articles I have post. The hours that I spent in writing (typing), can't be compared to the time you spent here reading.

Much Love
Ella xx

PS:Sorry that I been away for far too long as m so really busy w work V_V lol


so glad ella you did not mention me, i have enough chasing me, sometimes its nice to be able just to enjoy a movie by yourself, stuffing your face with malteasers, nuts and popcorn, with iced drinks.
As for stars in movies, most are overpaid, and not that good, its the other actors and cast around them that make a good movie, also it must not be boring, and if its a gay film for me some storyline, not just soft porn.
But its nice to hear your still here, and not like some gone, as for the ones gone, well there hiding out on fb, some are even on my friends list, or in the group, just not talking much, and thats the shame of it, from this site, there is about 160 people in the group, and most dont share, only a few do, and some are just wanting someone to talk too.
I have asked them to consider coming back on here, and some said they would consider it, but one cant force anyone, and some like me use both sites for communication.
As for your movie collection i have over 5000 films, then there is tv series, thats about another 1000 discs, so i have choice that i dont need watch tv, and last year spent less time watching films, and more time at pride events, 8 in england and 2 in scotland, it was a nice day out, just a pity though no pride events where you are, so much fun.
Anyway have fun with your g/f, and blessings to you


Hi Ella,

I've missed your smiling face (cheerful words). I have been busy putting out brush fires; three feet of snow, fuel assistance cut off by sequester, food stamps reduced cuz my disability pension went up a few dollars, car trouble, health problems (a terrible sinusitis infection) and constant money juggling to pay bills and have food in house for relatives. I need to start sharing but I am so glad that you wrote today.


LOL oh my I made it to number 1
I am blushing now.
I case anyone hasn't noticed if you goggle gays.com just after the site
Ella comes up so I'm thinking she's a number 1 for so many here.
I'd'd like to say sorry I haven't been on much lately and I will try to post more on here I promise.
This site must be the best for making real friends that I can honestly say we care about each other. The groups are the place to be to read what others think about things and we can all say how we feel about things.
@ Ella you are a little angel and never stop writing you touch so many.
@ Ailean always busy making sure we all cheer for equal rights no matter who we are or what we believe.
@ Tristram always a kind word to say about everyone we all love you.

I think we all have our little battles going on but this place feels like home.


Isn't that why were are here, all one together, leave no one alone, support the friendship and creativity of one another. I enjoy communicating with so many people here, and reading the talented work of so many. If I do not like something, I do not criticize cuz maybe it's just not to my taste. When I can help mold a better writer with gentle advice I do.

I am glad that you all are here to help me along the path.


carol think i will take that as a compliment, and to me equality is needed, even for cisgenders, yes i know that term, many on here fall into that catergory so what, lots of different tags, that really mean so little, most are looking for love and someone to spend eternity with, well , blessings for them i hope they find it, to me it does not matter as long as you support equality, fine, if not dont tell me , i like to hug enemies close, corrupt them, he he!
I cant help myself carol, to me equality and freedom is inbuilt, a tradition, a neverending fight, and as i once described on here a spartakist, just the spelling should give you a clue, otherwise google red rosa, and red is a colour of the rainbow like purple and pink, when one kisses someone of the same sex you feel something that is not there in a normal thing, to me its not unnatural.
Aileen my daughter once said to me she and a g/friend had went to bennets in glasgow, i said you should have told me you were going, i would have given you extra money to cover admission costs, but she had a nice night out at a lgbt club/disco, thats life, we do things for our kids, and others, and the lgbt youth today are still asking same questions we asked in our day.
I t does not matter to me if full equality comes when i am still here, as long as others pick up the fight and continue, until it does happen, where love and compassion is more important than money and war, and society learns to care about itself and understand that in allowing an un-equal society is tantamount to slavery for the poor, and unsustainable wealth for a minority, thats called capitalism.
Oops! socialism & nationalism, yep , but then carol i know you love your son, and would move heaven & hell for him, just as any of us would, and thats just how we are.
Not our fault we were born gay, or lesbian, or transsexual, or even Queer.


Writing is my lifelong passion--the only one I have. I would like it to be a career, but that is not so easy. I used to say that I expected to die like Edar Allen Poe. I imagine now that I may have to live like Oscar Wilde, but I will write and write no matter what obstacles I have and live and die as my Creator sees fit.

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