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What is the nicest thing that a complete stranger has ever done for you? - The Rainbow Lounge

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I absolutely love it when my loved ones do nice things for me. Makes me feel so warm and loved up. But I know they love me, know me, care about me, so I expect nothing less.

When a complete stranger does something for me...well that is in this day and world a tad bit shocking, the cynic in us can sometimes think...eh? what does this person want?

So...think about it for a moment... What is the nicest thing that a complete stranger has ever done for you?

Share your story!


well one night, i was alone, it was dark and cold, i was young, no money to get home, wet and getting really cold, and this stranger took me home with her, got me dried, and let me stay the night, then in the morning drove me home, when i asked how i could repay her, she said you ever see someone in same problem, just do the same, and pass it on.
guess i met a good samaritan that night.


I was on the train going to Bryant Park Thanksgiving weekend. On the train came a man with no legs. I looked at him and thought how grateful I have to be that I have legs and can walk and run. A couple hours later, I fell while ice skating and could not walk for two months. Even though I can run now, I still walk with a slight limp and can't bend my leg completely. I learned a great lesson from that man, and he came on the train at exactly to proper moment to instill a lesson in my heart that we just don't appreciate what we have--really appreciate it--unless we don't have it.


A few years ago I had gone downtown to visit my cousin with my grandson. After the visit I had to go out to the mall, I got on the bus on Pleasant St. and every seat was taken, as usual on the 4. There I was, toddler, folding stroller, knapsack on me back full of diaper bag stuff. I put my grandson on the luggage shelf and went to brace my self for the long ride out to the mall.

A well dressed young man got up and offered me his seat so I could put the stroller and knapsack on the lugage rack and sit with il mio Sabino on my lap. I, of course, thanked him, and was grateful that he had been raised proper. Most young kids will make older people and moms with babies stand while they sit. On occaission a young lady will give up her seat and chastise the boys who won't move their lazy asses and stand up!


I can't stand when people force my daughter to stand on the train.