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Dead or Alive! Which famous person do you most admire and why? - The Rainbow Lounge

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Thought we'd leave off those people near and dear to us, mums, dads, siblings, etc.

Let's go for famous people! Who and why!


Billie Holiday. How can you not admire the woman behind the voice? Lady Day was empress of the blues, the queen of jazz and a fascinating person who overcame innumerable odds to do the one thing that she wanted to do, sing like an angel!


annie lennox, a good singer, and supporter of LGBT rights, and her songs have meaning, in the words in the music
she is also a scot, from aberdeen.


Aye,Annie Lennox is ok, and her Music ......


1. The Dalai Lama because he has dedicated his life to selflessness and peace. 2. Our great left-handed President Obama. While I don't agree with everything he says and does as president, he is the best man we've had in Washington since Wilson.