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RBS Six Nations 2013 - 3rd round - Gay Guys! <3

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Well this week has been epic for the Six Nations!
Wales claim and amazing victory over Italy
England continue their undefeated streak by taking out France
France continue their shocking losing streak
Scotland manage to record a shocking victory over Ireland (If you watched the match you'll know what I mean!)

Scores were:
Italy 9 - 26 Wales
England 23 - 13 France
Scotland 12 - 8 Ireland

The board currently stands:
1st England
2nd Wales
3rd Scotland
4th Ireland
5th Italy
6th France

So topic for this is what do you guys thing is wrong with France? They've never lost 3 matches in a row, never lost against Italy and it looks like they're on their way to pick up their first ever Wooden Spoon - what are your thoughts?

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