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Actuality - Get HAPPY

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People want to refine terms when the definition is already in the dictionary. Then when you tell them what the actual meaning is, they says it's the old definition; it's offending them or they don't want anybody knowing the truth definition. No I'm not just talking about government either. The problem with peple in general is that they act like they can't handle the actual truth about anything. They just want to think what they want to think!


sexi , no-one wants to live with actualities, or in another term realities, i am a nice person , but you rile me the wrong way, the hell descends, some of my friends have hassle all the time of straight guys, wanting to have sex with "chicks with dicks" why ! because if they have sex with a transsexual, well there not gay, what utter crap, even on here in the past i tend to be real, its just what i am, one can either accept it or not, some though need to live a lie, and who wants the truth about a young homeless transsexual, living on food stamps, outcast by society and friends, the same can be for a young lesbian or gay man, that family has kicked out onto the streets, reality sucks, and in winter its cold, heartless like strangers hurrying past avoiding looking afraid they may catch something.
So to a certain extent we all live a lie, avoid reality, and try and give hope and wishes or blessings for a better life, than what was in the past.
As for dictionary, well i guess yours is in english, mine is in gaelic, sure others is in mandarin, russian, swahili, german, french, etc; and always translation differs somewhat.


just so there is no misunderstanding sexi, i am not that young transsexual, was at one time, me i am a survivor


Some people liker to abuse terms to get over on others, they use inaccuate terms, to sound impressive, some of which they don't pronounce correctly anyways. Then there are regionalisms, which some people will gladly dispute with you cuz what they say is correct when it aint got nothing to do with it. I have been castigated about tonic or pop, milk shakes, and a host of dropped Rs in my words by people who say their Rs for ever and a day, say their Os like As, call hamburger chopped meat, ice cream brikcs, say the Registry is the DMV, and think fried clams means clam strips (the worst offense by far) and couldn't make a decent pizza if their lives depended on it, and have no idea what linguica, malasadas, massa sovada and caldo verde is.

I don't say much cuz it's how they talk here but they annoy me about pronounciation and bland food.