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RBS Six Nations 2013 - Gay Guys! <3

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Well the 3rd week of matches kick off on Saturday - Wales having lost against Ireland in the first week will not retain the Grandslam Championship which is disappointing, however, if things go our way we could still become Six Nation Champions 2013 :P
However, England are having a pretty good year, they're still on course for the Grandslam!
France are having a dreadful year, they've lost against Italy for the first time ever, and they lost against Wales!

Wales 22 - 30 Ireland
England 38 - 18 Scotland
Italy 23 - 18 France
Scotland 34 - 10 Italy
France 6 - 16 Wales
Ireland 6 - 12 England

We beat France in their home stadium the Stade De France and when we got the extra 3 points to make our score into 16 the boos were deafening! Even some French spectators started to walk out!

So the board currently stands like this
1st England
2nd Scotland
3rd Wales
4th Ireland
5th Italy
6th France

It could all change over this weekend
COME ON WALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CYMRU AM BYTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best of luck Wales. Considering ur country is playing my coutnry. hehehe. As they say "may the best coutnry win" KEep well thou


France having an awful season but it didn't stop french rugby players making a wonderful sexy/tasteful calendar which i won in a raffle and enjoy feasting my eyes on every day.

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