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Feminism - Your WRITES

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In the history of feminism, it was the struggle for women and men of all races to work, to vote, to educate themselves, to lead better lives. These individuals sought for a word that provided an opportunity that their children could flourish and build lives on top of their childhood hopes. They succeeded. So why am I writing this now? Unfortunately, only so much success is permitted to one individual and one period of time. We often journey into the world with a bag of ideologies, we plant them, and some grow. However, some just do not receive the nutriment required. Those become ill and they die. That, my friends, is why I am writing this.

Our struggle today is to replant and maintain those ideologies of equality over oppression and love over mindless hate and negotiation through articulation over the death of thousands. Unfortunately, people often misconceive feminism. The term "feminist" has been indecorously branded and warehoused. Feminism does not stand for the hatred of men nor does it stand for the deterioration of family. Feminism seeks equality for the LBGT community, domestic violence justice for both men and women, Rape and sex ring justice, the deterioration of gender role exploitation, race equality, and solid protection of young children.

Furthermore feminism is pandemic. It is not just about the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Australia or the US. Right now feminism has caught flame in Israel , captivating the uprising generation to destroy laws that defend rapist that lurk behind the plea of female curfew and dress-code. Right now there is a minority of feminist in Nigeria striving for the more Westernized rights of women. Right now, women and men of every color and every religion have taken Hands against violence that is crumbling the heart of morality: love.

Bullets may pierce a hole through the fabric of a solider, but philosophy shreds the fabric of thought that exist in every man and woman. Powers may stand on top of us, but we are the buttress.


Well thought. Well written.


Totally agree even though some withered the roots took hold and now its growing again, just today there was an event for womens rights where 1 billion took part worldwide, that is what the lgbt community needs to do so change for the better in equality will come about in countries like russia. Crotia & serbia,china and singapore. Pakistan & turkey, most of these countries dont have a zero tolerance policy to domestic violence or rape,or even murder of transsexuals or other people in the. Gay community


Your piece is timely and correct, all gains ebb and flow, because regressive forces are always with us. I wish conservatives would practice birth control. Gains must be protected and each generation must be educated about why those gains are so important. While the mission seems set in Western countries there continues to be nations and cultures that minimize women and hold them down.

Feminism to some women is the right to any education. Any political say. Any personal freedom. The right to leave an abusive marriage, or not to be stoned to death for being the victim or rape. Even the right to basic women's healthcare. Your piece reminds us of how muxh has been won and how much needs to be conquered/


Thank you guys!
And even though these are my words, a lot of the inspiration comes from a girl I know out in Jerusalem. She posts a ton of articles over the latest usurpation by societies and government.
It's really hard to just sit and listen to the degradation of human life without concern or a passion for change. I don't understand how mainstream media can totally ignore violations of natural rights all over the globe.
I don't want war like what they're doing in Iraq, but I do want individuals that aren't afraid to walk out of their houses or aren't afraid to voice their opinions all over the globe. It is not war that we need; it is ideas. People fight for ideas; it's the entire reason middle class America was behind WWI in 1914. Wilson promised the spread of Democracy, but people were greedy. This was a time of nationalism and imperialism in Europe (more ideas) that made all of the Allie empires want to punish Germany, and that's what they did. Thus, the Nazis and WWII 20 years latter (which was another war driven by idealism).



You may have the ideas, but you don't follow it up. In other words, you do want to evolve, but you don't do your share of fair work. Well, you may have your point of view & it would definitely differ from mine, but it's how we both work towards it together that brings the positive impression of what's intended to be done.


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