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Why can’t I see your face?
By Jillian

February the fourteenth is almost here
And my eyes are full of tears
No more roses for you
Wish you were here to disarm all my harm
Trying to stay calm
But you are gone
You’ll never get to read my poems
I see you standing there
But where?

I can hear you saying
“Take all that rage
And put it on a page”
Like you put your pain on a page
Now I am feeling the pain
Of missing you so
I wanna make you proud
And scream your name “RENEE’’
Out loud

I stand in a crowded place
Searching for your beautiful face
Why did you lose that race?
Why can’t I see your face?
I fall to my knees in disgrace
“I want to see Renee’s face”

Would you still recognise me?
Stop by and criticize me
Would look upon my tear stained face
Touch my hand
And set my heart a race
I tried to keep up the pace
Why can’t I see your face?

I remember the day you were taken away
I know it has been a while
I long so to see your smile
Through my sobbing
I scream
“Why can’t I see your face?”
I know I drank too much
Why did I lose your loving touch?
You told me
“Don’t cry for me”
But how can I not?
Why can’t I see your face?

I am missing you right now
We are all missing you some how
If you get a chance
Look down at me now
I long for a second chance
I am missing you Renee’ so much
I long for your loving touch
Still I’ll search for your face
In this crowded place
Please let me see your face
Tears and crying
And I am not lying
Why can’t I see your face?

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