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Same-Sex Marriage paper for AP English class - Your WRITES

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(I wrote this paper for an assignment in my english class, and thought it would be interesting to share with others. I do not mean to offend anyone with the contents of the paper, but if something I wrote offends you, I am truly sorry.)

Erasing the line on Marriage

As multiple civil right movements boomed in the mid to late 1900's and were won for the equality of women, native Americans, Chinese and Japanese citizens, African-Americans, and people with disabilities, the movement for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights was slapped with a band-aid and ignored. Today, over 50 years after the first civil rights movement, homosexuals are still discriminated against and their American rights to marriage have been banned and made illegal in many states. Opposing representatives have made three major points against the idea of same-sex marriages; religious beliefs, tradition, and predicting that legalizing such an act will be the ‘gateway’ to more ‘ridiculous’ actions. Proponents of same-sex marriage have stated that homosexual couples are simply asking for their human rights and not trying to instigate the idea of ridiculous actions or the destruction of traditional religious beliefs.

Many opponents of the same-sex marriage act have stated that the idea that accepting such a union will destroy tradition, and lead to polygamy. Polygamy was actually a very traditional lifestyle amongst many cultures and even religions such as Mormonism, yet the act of polygamy was made illegal in the United States in 1890. How can the people who make this claim expect homosexuals to take them seriously when they have destroyed their own traditions?

Supporters of same-sex marriage don’t understand the absurd connection from one man marrying one man, and one man marrying several women. Many traditions have been changed and/or abolished over the years, but the idea of two women marrying one another is apparently so far from traditional beliefs that it has been banned and denied to humankind. Should the American family soon expect police to come into their home and arrest them if they are not eating dinner at the table together? As I remember, that was a very important American tradition, along with men being the only workers, owning slaves, and pregnant women to be married. After so many traditions have been adjusted to fit the wide expanse of American lifestyles, marriage between homosexual couples have still been denied.

The claim that same-sex marriages go against many state constitutions has been the main reason for the ban. Looking at the state constitutions, you can clearly see that the first amendment written on the grounds of banning such a union was created in 1998 in Alaska and Hawaii, after the October 6th death of Matthew Shepard, who was believed to have been murdered because he was gay and the reopening of the idea for a gay hate crime legislation.

Religious beliefs is one of the most highly discussed topics brought up when considering homosexual marriage. While some parts of the bible claim “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Lev.20:13”, other parts also state that the consumption of shrimp is also an abomination because it lacks scales or fins, yet we haven’t heard any complaints made against people who eat shrimp or other animals which are listed as unclean. The bible also states that gay men and women shall be killed, yet thou shall not kill, which brings us to believe that God, himself will be doing said killing, but since I and many other homosexuals are still breathing, it seems as homosexuals will be punished after death, in which case, it doesn’t pertain to or interfere with any of the heterosexual lives of those who will be rewarded. Unless, of course, the rapture comes, in which case God has it stated in the bible that 50% of all homosexuals shall be taken.

It is hard to understand why people who are against same-sex marriage bring up the topic of homosexual couples raising children, or changing partners. Heterosexuals who are not married change their significant partners multiple times, such as a homosexual might. Famous people get married several times because their marriages only last a few months or even weeks, but we have yet to ban famous couples from marrying. Opponents also say that same-sex couples should not raise children because they will surely split up and leave the child divided amongst its parents. As a child who comes from an opposite sex divorce, I have been torn between my parents such as a child from a homosexual divorce might and yet neither one of my parents have planned on me going to college when I grew up. Same-sex couples have to suffer through long adoption processes, pay for a surrogate mother, or pay to be artificially inseminated, which forces these couples to really consider if they want and are ready for a child. Yet in heterosexual society, we have teen pregnancies, and other unintended pregnancies in which the child is given to foster care/adoption, or the parent is not ready or financial stable enough for a child but raises it anyways.

Today, with the entire nation thinking about the pros and cons of homosexual marriage, we have yet to think of a reasonable excuse for why same-sex marriages should not be accepted other than personal beliefs, in which case, what two people do with their life is of no concern of yours, unless you are marrying a homosexual.

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