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the waves crashed all around me like tears upon my face doing what i had to do it seemed impossible to walk away from the one thing that has kept me grounded for awhile, i simply gazed into your eyes with tears streaming down mine i held both your hands tightly but only to say goodbye. with each passing breath my heart grew more and more in pain losing you would be the worst but finding myself the best. we walked awhile still holding hands talking about the past few memories sorta taking in the surreal feelings you asked what happens now i simply said we go on were friends but its not the same you said no i guess it isnt when you find someone who you care for. what was important is letting go was what needed to be done for both you chose to live a lie i fell in it with you but i cant be that guy...
somewhere this was destined to work i thought to myself somewhere this wasnt happening the thought of not letting go came up to softly hold you to me and saying its ok i cant but i had too . what was surprising is you not being able too this wasnt you before me but a lost child someone afraid of what was next but ur not that child your scared of what isnt gonna ever happen when you want it too inside i left cause i wasnt attractive for you i left so u could be free of my insecurties. i left because i loved you more then you would imagine kinda of cliche isnt it love? that all this time weve managed too be two fucked up guys who happen to feel something one of us sure of it the other not so sure ill manage day by day you will live on long after im gone but this day wont fade will it i asked? see things change some for the best alot of times the worst but in the end we must be strong . i slowly turned and kissed him on the cheek and said stop lying to yourself we could of had it all and slowly closed the door . on my plan ride home my thoughts were with him never fading always there how i didnt want to do it but the love i felt for him that he could not share back was killing me and in this time and age i had to be set free