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Share your "go to" story - The Rainbow Lounge

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What story do you tell most at parties and other social functions to impress/amaze people?


How I was made fun of at a bowling center, then passed out drunk outside of a local tavern. When I woke, I walked down to the Hardeez and ordered a cheeseburger, only to learn that it was the next day and they were serving breakfast. Quite impressive, how I survived that period in my life.


how i took a baking course only because i had the biggest crush on the woman teaching it,i now run my own tea room selling my home baked cakes,and discovered that i loved baking and that unfortunately i didn't end up loving the teacher lol


@Douglas, ok wow, Hope your life isn't like that now!
@Danielle...hehehe, funny how a crush can get you to do all sorts...sounds like you came out with a "sweet" deal!


It really depends on the group, I have a story for every group and walk of life lol