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I want more - Get HAPPY

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I remember a very close friend once told me if someone doesn't give you what you need someone else will.
So before you take things for granted remember that.
Someone can offer more
More love
More trust
More, more, more
Then ask yourself do you deserve more?
Some say less is more.
What do you believe?


Be happy my babe love you!!!!


A perfect world this is not .......
You must give your self more.
from your self,and no way take
your self for granted.......

This way,you stay Strong
and don`s become all fat
and Lazy .............


Less is only better if you feel more for the simple things thatyou get, otherwise they're just being cheap, and you deserve more.


Over the years I have learned less, close to nothing really can actually become so much more for me personally. After going through the grief that lead me there, whether by others or by myself, I learned so much more about me. All the little faucets within me and what truely makes me happy and healthy.

I'm very glad for the less is more. It broke down my pride to ask for help. It gave me strength to endure denials and painful blows. It developed bravery to have to do and overcome things in order to survive. And it gave me the courage to put down boundaries when I couldn't before. It helped me hone the skills that came with my sensitivity so I wouldn't be used.

And now I have what I dreamed of...................

Love ya

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