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as i sat there unblinking at the words you said, as i sat there not sure what to do or think i knew ,that the winds were changing that life had to change but i couldnt blink to find the words to say that even though it was over that id still love you , that even though you did what was needed for you id still want you but like all things we change the feelings change they dont grow or grow but memories stay the same.where the winds of change takes us noone will know but they must happen. so with the heavy heart i waved goodbye to you and i said goodbyes through the eyes of a child and not knowing if we would see each other again but knowing those memories wouldnt change. as i stood there watching you fade away from my eyes no tears no words just silence . as i turned away the words you once said came back to haunt me the words 'your death' ' idont trust myself'
and i knew just knew that you were right but i wanted to belive in something far greater then i could make happen but still the winds change , people change, hearts grow and die, but memories never do!