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Chapter 2 moving away Part 1 - Your WRITES

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Their was the two loving couple they been together for 9 months almost thier 1st annaitvercery before their chirstmas break they love each other they were like high school sweet hearts now Brad told his mom that school is almost close to winter break an he want to buy a chirtmas gift for his boyfriend Jason because he was sipcal to Brad for 9 months. On Dec 13 Brad saw Jason, where Brad and Jason you hang out when they fall in love with their frist sight. Brad yelled saying JASON !! then Jason pop his head you was looking around to see who called him then the voice yelled agin saying BABE !! then when Jason saw Brad running to him, then Brad jumped on Jason and wrped himself to Jason " Marry Chirstmas baby I go you something very sipcal i hope you like it " said Brad, when Jason unwarp the gift that Brad bought him an then when Jason saw the Christmas gift Jason was Shocked what bard Broght him, then Jason said " awww babe i love the dimond neckless i really lovely baby thanks " " your welcome babe " said Brad then Jason give a big kiss on the lips to Brad, then Jason gave Brad his Christmas Gift an then when brad open the gift Brad was vey speechless Jason gave Brad an Ipod nano " I dont kown what to say baby how did you pink was my favort color babe " then Jason said " it ws a lucky guess babe but your very welcom i put some of our your favorit musics that you like from my cds and yours cds as well baby " " awww thanks babe i love it " said Brad, then Brad said " hey babe guess what " " what babe ?" siad Jason " well today is our 1st annutversery babe so happy annnaverstuery baby " said Brad " aww thanks baby happy annaversuery to you too babe " said Jason, Jason have the unhppy look he wants to tell Brad about moving to Indepent city here in Organ, but Jason that he needs to tell him before its to late. When Brad saw Jason was not vey happy, Brad didnt say anything to him when the bell rang Brad and Jason hug each other hold hands an walked each others class when Jason hug Brad they havnt said a word to each other it was dead silince when Brad got to his class room Brad started to cry because he know the bad news he cryed and cryed wondering if he was going to break up or that Jason well move away form Brad and never talk to ever agin.