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Love Life Chapter 1
by Franco Atkinson on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 2:42am
Theirs this boy looking for a love but he tryed and try the boys name are Brad hes 19 years old looking for his true love this boy is also looking for brad, the boy is 18 years old he tryed and tryed as well does brad knw this boys name or he can figer it out bcause he has this boy in the same class room. Once the were in the same class room they sat right next to each other they havnt said a word to each other in the class it was dead silince un tile the teacher said " ok class today i want two gruops of two so choose wisely " so Brad ask this boy " hey well you be mine partner for this project " the boy said " yes ll be your partner forever " " huh " said Brad what do you mean ill be your partner forevr ? The boy said " oh nothing Brad " "oh ok " said Brad when they started talking to each other they started to smile and laugh the boy introduce him self saying im " Jason im new for this town Pheinox OG I was from CA Monteray " nice to meet you Jason my name is Brad i heard we had a new kid in town " " yea i am " said Jason when they meet each other Brad fall in love with Jason, Brad wants to ask jason out but he tought to himself saying " i wonder he has a boyfriend already should i ask him " then brad worte a note to jason, then jason read the note saying " do you have a boyfriend ? " then Jason took a pen and cricle yes and Jason worte on the note saying " yes i do have a boyfriend its you Brad i really love you " then jason gave the note to Brad and then Brad open and read the note an the note said " yes i do have a boyfriend its you Brad i really love you " when Brad read the note he started to blush really red then when Brad ask him saying " babe would you walk with me to my house please ? " Jason said yes " baby i well walk you home right after school.

This is the last period for Brad and jason when the bell rang Jason ran to Brads class when he got their Jason grab Brad and hug him saying " saying i miss you babe " awww " said Brad " i miss you two baby " Jason and Brad were holding hands while walking out of campous they talk and laughed and they hug each, when Jason got to Brads fornt door they hug when Brad got his keys and Brad said " thank you for walking me home i had a good time getting to know you " Jason said " so do i babe " when Brad was going inside to his house Jason grab Brad and kiss him in the lips, when Brad got his first kiss his heart stop beting for at less two hours when Jason and Brad stop kissing Brad got even more blushing when Jason said bye to Brad Jason was on his way home.


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