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Hey everyone, I'm in a great playful mood and thought I'd ask you all to share your stories of:

1. Your worst "nightmare" date
2. Your funniest date
3. Your most romantic date

Have a good weekend everyone!


Okay here goes.

1. My nightmare date was going out with this guy who talked constantly on his cell phone, I mean how rude is that. He also had sores around his mouth. YUCK!!

2. My funniest date goes along with my most romantic date as they were with the same person. When he and I first met and fell in love, we decided to go skinny dipping in the river, That was throwing caution to the wind, since at any time we knew we might be caught. It also heightened the passion of the date.

3. Going to a nice Hotel with my bf where we lay naked in front of a fireplace, okay so it wasn't a real fire, only looked like one and the logs were plastic, but it still gave off heat. We laid there talking and caressing and sucking each others' bodies all night .

Well those are my three dates. Can't wait to read what others have to say here.


My most romantic date would have to be the first one. There was no sex involved. WEnt to the gay bar for the very first time. And kissed for the very first time. Qouting Glee I had "Never been Kissed". Twas beautiful and wonderful.

Mark what does the phrase "throwing caution to the wind"


It means not to care. Just living for the moment. It can be both good or bad depending on what it is you're about to do.

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