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Relationship? - Gay Guys! <3

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Guys who are gay keep on asking me why I do not have anybody in my life. These are my answers...

1) I am in the U.S. Army and that's my life style. Not even all straight civilians spouses can handle the military life style because we are constantly away. That' why the U.S. military has the highest divorce rate in the U.S..

2) My atittude is really Army. That's the life I live so that why.

3) I stay away from drama as much as I possibly can and I'm not afraid to be blunt. Besides; Why should I call you my friend if you can't be my friend anyway?

4) I won't put out on the first meeting anymore. I WILL make you wait now! I still do one night stands but not expecting to see each other for another. Common hooking up life...

5) Guys are not honest! They will tell you ANYWAY just to have sex with you! Why can you just say that you ar horny and you are looking for a piece of ass that night? I do know why it is to be horny too... Instead you have to make up this bullshit saying that you want a relationship with me; you want a true person; somebody who will not cheat on them and so on... Mind you that once you feed me these lines. I already know that you'e bull shit! And all you want is JUST a hook up!.

Why can't I meet somebody real?


Thanks David ..very good points, boo!!! Already had some drama on this site which is easy for some to do ..esp being on the internet. Gotta' wonder what they'd be like in real time. So over it!!!


wow that's putting it out there BUT now I have a much better idea who david is and it helps make u human instead of just someone im typing to-----------thank u for sharing .now im not just typing to u im talking to you..perhaps we should all share a little ........................................................cheers Sam


David vila@ comment (5)...... i agree with you totally, but Its a bit like catch twenty two.

i'll explain why : You get these guy giving you the relationship line and as you said " you know they are talking bullshit." I totally understand I have the same attitude. Ironically, I'm one of these guys that really want a relationship and quote these relationship lines. At the same time i can't work out the genuine guys that want the same.

So i'll ask the question: How do you know who is genuine? Because at this rate i'll be single all my life.


I'm real, really horny when I see the pic of you with your tongue out. I just want to play a few rounds of tonsil hockey, but you are in Tennessee. My dick is not that long and I doubt your tongue is either. Alas!


Love your points David. However I fail to understand your last point in relation to Guys being not honest. HOw do you know if they are not looking for a relationship. Yes I agree its prob just sex they want. But when they say, they want a true person, a relationship etc., You automatically say that's bullshit, pls contrast that for me. Thanks


@ Deano Butler and Georgian Stanescu,
You know that the reason why people use the "relationship" lines; aka pick up lines because all they want is a piece of ass. Now my opinon on how to see who is true or not is to not about sex. If they to in the begining then tell them you want to wait longer. If they stop having interest in you after that, then you knew the true answer on that one again.

@ Tristram Goncalves,

By the time your penis actually made it to me anyway, it would of probably did so many miles that you could open your own whore house with all the freebies that you've earned along the travel. Plus there would be no way I would even go never it due to all the STD's after! LOL


I have found recently that men are intimidated by me. They show a bit of interest but keep their distance because they naturally assume that I don't have what to offer, which is not true and often disheartening.

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