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sunrise - Your WRITES

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mark sat on the boardwalk hed been coming here to watch the sunrise for the past 3 weeks. he was finding solice in how small he felt by doing so had it been that long since he got the news? wow he thought ive been looking for a reason to live all this time by coming here. mark was caught by a seagul diving too and from the water in the corner of his eye and thought to himself how carefree, he sighed and thought of the news the doctor gave him how he was now HIV positive, how would someone love him? it was bad enough trying to find decent guys in the area but this this was a death sentence. sure he was tan tall and very handsome but no one would want someone like him. he managed a weak smile and tried to forget again it was nearly time for the sun to bridge the gap between night and dawn, to say hello to the world once more. however little had mark known he had been watched fro three days now by a young man who watched him from the concert stage. John was 23 young and alone for three days he had been coming to the beach to end his life three days same guy standing in his way.but on this day john saw something different he didnt know what but was curious as to why this very good looking guy was alone here. john walked up to the railing and said beautiful isnt it?
mark startled by someone being there flashed anger in his eyes at being startled yes he said john somehow scared thrust out his hand and said hi im john mark scowling at the hand said dont try and befriend me im no good to you im HIV positive noone will wanna be around you why even bother.john looking shocked at this statement tried to hide the tears from his eyes could it be that someone was like him? he had felt so alone so cold and empty inside john swalloing his pride and said you mean people like us? mark was taken back your... john said yes i have AIDS and ive been coming here for three days to end my life but ive found you. mark smiling weakly said wanna hang out together? sure was the reply... that was thirty years ago both my parents mark and john loved one another through it all sadly they passed away peacefully one month apart for me it was love for them it was love to the world it was everything. *side note no its just a story*